Here @Omniconvert, we want to make things easier for everyone. In order to show you how to use our software at its maximum potential, we’ve created two help video tutorials. Learn how to create a Survey and an A/B Testing Experiment in less than 5 minutes.

Surveys are very useful when you want to investigate customer’s behavior, preferences, and needs. Besides the information from a web analytics software, where you can see the visitors flow on the website, what pages they most visit and statistical data, it’s very important to have some qualitative information straight from your customer’s mind.

Unless asking visitors and customers, one can only assume the reasons why bounce rate is high on homepage, why they leave without buying or why the website has a huge cart abandonment rate. And, in this case, conclusions based on gut and intuition might not provide the right answer because very few customers think and see the online store such as you do. It’s vital to get inside their mind and display persuasive messages that make them react fast and order from your e-commerce website.

The survey feature is also a great tool to use for bloggers. Why? Because it points out what are the topics your audience is most interested, what type of materials they like (articles, video, pictures, news, etc.) and where they have heard about your blog. Knowing all these insights, develop a content marketing strategy based on what the audience wants to read on the blog. Giving readers interesting content they like and are looking for will help you become a source of valid and reliable information they are addicted to.

In the video below it’s an example of how to create a customer satisfaction survey:

Once you have gathered the necessary data and have identified the main problems of your website, it’s time to start testing ideas. In an A/b test you compare a different version of a webpage with the original and you allocate as much traffic as you want for it. Using A/B Testing you will find out which version brings you more conversion, without any programming or design skills.

In this demo video, you’ll learn how to change the colour of buttons and text in a headline. Take a look and see for yourself how easy is to use Omniconvert to improve conversion rate.