Not so long ago, online marketing, eCommerce SEO, and online CRO strategies were all part of the ‘alternative’ marketing scene. However, judging by Jeff Bezos’ success with Amazon, eCommerce is fast becoming one of the world’s leading industries in terms of growth. Now, online businesses, much like yours, variously use both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tactics. Additionally, many of them employ an eCommerce marketing company to get the mix right.

Where do CRO and SEO eCommerce Strategies Connect?

It is useful to begin with a definition of both CRO and SEO in order to understand why they are so closely connected. Search Engine Optimization is an online tactic of attracting visitors to your site. It does so through interesting content, filled with keywords and texts that people wish to read (or watch).

In this Video Valentin Radu (CEO of Omniconvert) will show you the best practices when it comes to mix Conversion Rate Optimization with Search Engine Optimization. This Strategies have prooven tips to boost your E-Commerce business at a whole newlevel.

Conversion Rate Optimization, on the other hand, is what you hope to achieve when people actually reach your site. It is a strategy of organizing your website in such a way that would foster a larger number of lead-to-sales conversions. In other words, CRO moves viewers to the buyer category and uses high-quality website design, calls-to-action (CTAs), and appropriate content that encourages online purchases.

Combined, good SEO and CRO place a lot of marketing power at our disposal. SEO can drive traffic to your website while CRO converts it into sales. Your end goal is revenue, so both lead traffic and customers are equally important. The larger the traffic, the better the chances you can earn more.

Although there are industries in which traffic might have less importance for business, eCommerce is different. You need both leads and customers in order to grow in a stable way over long periods of time. Thus, we suggest you take three important steps in order to connect your SEO and CRO strategies:

  • Eye-catching design + powerful SEO content
  • Getting the balance right between Calls to Action and Keywords
  • Integrating Social Media into your website

Create Eye-catching Design with Powerful Content

Every eCommerce platform should have its own design ‘feel’ that will attract buyers into getting products from your online shop. However, this design should be tied in with content that attracts readers based on their needs. Texts should be relevant to Google’s optimization search. In other words, your sales pitches and descriptions should contain suitable keywords, attracting the right traffic to your site.

Eye-catching Design with sales-oriented Content

Use top keywords from programs such as Soovle, Jaaxy or MOZ to seek out what people really look for online. This should give you an idea of what phrases are most likely to drive traffic to your site. At the same time, incorporate CRO-based buttons and Calls to Action (CTAs) into your design so you can grab and keep your readers’ attention. SEO by itself means very little if the design and sales-oriented content are not really attractive or relevant.

Call to Action + Keywords = A Winning Combination

CTAs are phrases designed to push your audience into subscribing to your website’s newsletter, buying your products, or taking some other desired action. However, without the correct keywords within these phrases, your website will remain in the shadow of those of your competitors that do use them.

keywords for call to actions to get attention

Be sure to put the keyword phrase in your call-to-action sentences, throughout your online shop. SEO tactics also include the use of imagery around the website that are relevant to the content. Since your goal is to sell products or services, putting a CTA within a relevant section can earn you lots of attention.

Integrate Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms go right into the SEO mix. Google likes it when content is connected – and so do your sales figures. Communicating directly with your customers, all the while providing CTAs and keywords, will drive your social media channels to greater growth. More importantly, they will also create additional traffic to your website.

Be sure to make the connection clear in your content and to use the same keywords from your website on social media as well. SEO takes into account texts that come from multiple sources, and social media is among the top in that respect.

Some Final Thoughts about CRO vs. SEO

eCommerce SEO is becoming more complex than ever before, as is CRO. Striking the right balance between the two is critical to your success. Favoring one over the other can lead to costly mistakes that might take a long time to fix. For this reason, consulting with an eCommerce marketing agency can help you avoid these pitfalls from the beginning and, ultimately, to earn much more from your online shop.


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