In the hyper-competitive, overly-saturated market of eCommerce and retail, where every business strives to stand out and connect with customers personally, email marketing often emerges as the unsung hero. 

Many industry experts push it as the holy grail, capable of driving substantial revenue and customer engagement

While a powerful tool, email marketing can only live up to its full potential if accompanied by personalized flows designed for different customer segments

Enter Reveal by Omniconvert – offering RFM segmentation capabilities to unlock the true potential of email marketing.

At the heart of Reveal’s features lies the understanding that the days of one-size-fits-all marketing approaches are long gone. 

To truly make an impact, you must orchestrate personalized customer experiences, ensuring that each message resonates and drives action. 

This is where segmentation becomes the key to unlocking the true potential of email marketing.

Reveal by Omniconvert and Klaviyo both recognize the significance of segmentation and offer RFM segmentation tools to help you divide your customer base into meaningful segments. 

However, Reveal comes with additional features, such as Flexible RFM grouping, Real-time alerts based on NPS and RFM, or Smart Clusterization, which other platforms do not possess. 

With such segmentation, you can create tailored email campaigns that speak directly to each customer segment’s unique needs, preferences, and interests.

Let’s see why you need Reveal to truly take advantage of the benefits of personalized email marketing

Email Marketing with Reveal vs. Klaviyo

Reveal and Klaviyo come to support and enhance your email marketing capabilities, but their approaches have some differences. 

Let’s see what Reveal brings to the table. 

Reveal provides robust segmentation options, including flexible RFM grouping and smart clusterization based on historical data. With Reveal, you can use the segments to create targeted retention, prevention, and loyalization email campaigns.

Reveal also enables personalized email marketing by leveraging segmentation insights, buying trends, and the NPS. 

You can send customized emails to specific segments, tailoring the content, offers, and recommendations based on customer preferences and behavior. 

Real-time alerts based on NPS and RFM help ensure timely and relevant communication with customers.

With a hard focus on customer-centricity and satisfaction, Reveal leverages RFM analysis and smart clusterization

Klaviyo emphasizes dynamic segmentation, but it only does a little to inform your marketing decisions

In terms of automation, Klaviyo strongly emphasizes email automation, offering a range of triggers and workflows to create personalized and timely email campaigns. 

Reveal also offers automation but highlights real-time alerts based on NPS and RFM as critical features.

In a nutshell, while we can’t deny Klaviyo’s strong points, Reveal scores higher in reacting to customers’ behaviors. 

  • Did a high-valued customer leave you a bad Net Promoter Score? You get an alert to act in real-time and prioritize resources. 
  • Did a power customer stop buying from you for whatever reason? You can spot the drop easily and react before it’s too late. 
  • Do you want to capitalize on a customer’s good review and trigger a recommendation?

You can approach them while they’re still hot with a personalized request. 

With the ability to notice every little detail in your customers’ behavior and this level of granular insights, the sky truly is your limit regarding email marketing.

How Each Tool Treats Segmentation and Targeting

Since Omniconvert’s Reveal is the first Customer Intelligence Platform build with Customer Lifetime Value in mind, it’s only natural to invest resources into Segmentation and Targeting. 

We strongly believe that not every customer is created equal, so part of our customer-centric approach was empowering marketers to tailor their campaigns for each customer type.

With Omniconvert Reveal, you can create customer segments based on various criteria such as demographics, behavior, RFM analysis, etc. 

It provides flexible RFM grouping and smart clusterization based on historical data, enabling you to customize your segments and gain deep insights into customer behavior.

As for the targeting side, Reveal helps businesses target specific segments with automated RFM segments and real-time alerts based on NPS (Net Promoter Score) and RFM.

This automation enables you to engage with customers at the right time with relevant messaging. Reveal also allows monitoring and analyzing RFM segments, providing performance tracking and insights for optimization.

While Klavviyo does offer similar functionalities, it doesn’t provide the sale segmentation flexibility as Reveal does. 

At the same time, Reveal’s emphasis on real-time alerts based on NPS and RFM is necessary for your customer success teams to react quickly to negative concerns and kick off the prevention process, which stops customers from churning.

Benefits of Using Reveal – RFM used beyond classic marketing flows

If you were looking for a short version, here’s a quick comparison between the two. 

As you can see, Reveal is the better choice for any marketer hell-bent on leveraging RFM into their email marketing efforts.

Let’s take a deepr dive into the advantages of Omniconvert Reveal and how you can leverage them into your marketing strategy:

Let’s take a deeper dive into the advantages of Omniconvert Reveal and how you can leverage them into your marketing strategy:

Automated RFM Segments

Reveal automatically generates and groups 125 RFM segments. 

These groups are then turned into clusters ready to be analyzed and used in your campaigns.

With Klavyio, each segment must be created manually based on the user’s rules.

Our automation allows for quick and accurate RFM segmentation of customers, leading to improved efficiency and faster insights. 

These insights also lead to better marketing campaigns, empowering you to tailor your processes and offer to specific customer segments. 

Instead of wasting time on manual segmentation, you have your clusters ready for your prevention, retention, and re-activation campaigns, leading to increased customer engagement, loyalty, and, ultimately, higher sales.

With these automated RFM segments, you will save time in identifying high-value customers effectively. 

At the same time, you won’t be able to intervene when specific customers drop from a power segment to the about-to-dump-you segment, risking losing high-valued customers due to a lack of response.

Besides, manual segmentation is time-consuming and prone to errors. When relying on it, you risk inefficient allocation of marketing resources, as you’ll struggle to prioritize your efforts based on accurate customer insights.

Flexible RFM Grouping

Flexible RFM grouping allows you to define and create segments based on your specific requirements and business goals

Since consumers have more options than ever, and they’re already bombarded with thousands of emails, ads, and other marketing messages, the flexibility to adapt is paramount

Use Reveal to adapt your RFM segments as needed to respond quickly to changing market dynamics and customer preferences. Reveal empowers you to create agile marketing strategies that effectively target different customer segments at various stages of the customer lifecycle.

Ignoring flexible RFM grouping restricts you to predefined or generic segmentation approaches. 

Consequently, you might end up with oversimplified customer segments that fail to capture the nuances of customer behavior, lowering the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Smart clusterization based on historical data:

With Reveal, you’ll never need to guess the proper rules to create the best RFM segmentation again. 

Our tool will analyze the historical data and identify recency, frequency, and monetary value intervals based on your actual data.

General guidelines for RFM are a good starting point, but they may not apply to your store. 

Relying on them might result in generic marketing approaches that fail to resonate with your specific customer segments.

Leveraging Reveal’s analysis of your historical data leads to uncovering hidden trends and preferences within their customer base

Consequently, you’ll move from spray-and-pray campaigns to data-driven tailored campaigns, products, and services to better meet your customers’ needs and preferences.

In a nutshell, with Reveal’s approach to clusterization, you steer clear of misdirected marketing efforts, ineffective campaigns, and wasted resources on customers who are unlikely to respond positively.

Measure customer satisfaction by RFM Segments.

Speed, simplicity, and efficiency are some of the customers’ primary expectations from a brand.

When they don’t perceive these qualities, customers will move on to explore alternative options. 

To be more specific, recent statistics indicate that a staggering 61% of customers would switch to a competitor following just one negative experience (a +22% surge compared to last year.)

Moreover, if a customer endures two unfavorable encounters, the percentage of those permanently abandoning business spikes to 76%.

In Reveal, you can monitor how happy are your different segments and identify issues before it is too late: 

Are customers happy, or is there a severe risk of churning?

Use Reveal to create automatic tickets in Gorgias for the very best customers who gave a low NPS score. With this quick and automated approach, your support team can proactively reach out to unsatisfied customers to solve issues before customers leave you forever.

Buying trends by RFM 

The Buying Trends Visualization Feature is a game-changer, transforming your approach to product selection and marketing campaigns.

It allows you to identify the products or categories that trigger repeat purchases from the first order and the products that drive customer churn after the initial purchase.

Armed with this insight, you can push the winning products into your campaigns more frequently and eliminate the products doing more harm than good

Based on this data, you can maximize the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts and increase overall profitability.

Monitor & Analyze RFM Segments

You can’t generate long-term growth without operating in the dark regarding your customer segments.

Fortunately, Reveal’s RFM feature enables you to track and analyze the performance of different customer segments over time. 

With this awareness, you can quickly identify trends, patterns, and changes in customer behavior and make better, data-driven decisions that optimize your marketing efforts.

Moreover, clearly understanding each segment’s ROI empowers you to allocate resources effectively by identifying the most profitable segments and optimizing marketing spend accordingly.

Monitor RFM distribution for multiple stores.

Managing multiple store locations can be a tiresome task – the more places, the harder it becomes. 

Some stores generate high ROI, while others are bleeding customers – how do you gain the agility to intervene before it’s too late or replicate best practices?

By monitoring RFM distribution across multiple stores, you can quickly identify stores that outperform others and may need improvement. 

Understanding the variations in RFM metrics can provide insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns specific to each store.

At the same time, you can create targeted campaigns that cater to customers’ specific needs and preferences in particular areas, leading to more effective and personalized marketing messages.

All this while quickly identifying underperformers, researching the reasons behind the numbers, and acting to improve customer satisfaction. 

Best Customer Segmentation Tool 

There is no universally acclaimed “best” tool you can use for your email marketing needs. The recognition is subjective, as it all depends on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. 

However, some top customer segmentation tools are widely recognized for their effectiveness.

Reveal by Omniconvert is one of these tools, as it empowers you to unleash the RFM Segmentation potential.

Reveal’s strength lies in its emphasis on flexible RFM grouping and smart clusterization based on historical data.

Reveal enables you to fine-tune your email campaigns and gain profound insights into customer behavior by providing businesses with customizable segmentation options. Real-time alerts based on NPS and RFM further enhance the ability to engage customers with timely and relevant messaging.

With Reveal, you can orchestrate personalized email experiences that adapt to individual behaviors, increasing the likelihood of driving conversions. 

Our integration with popular eCommerce platforms facilitates seamless data utilization, enabling you to tap into customer purchase history and past behavior for hyper-targeted email marketing.

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