We’re often asked about the differences between Reveal and Conversific, Glew or Metrilo, so we’ve created this comparison chart for an easier analysis of these four Shopify Apps.

All apps were created to help you see beyond Shopify analytics but each offers you a different mix of features to help you achieve your goals. 

How is Reveal different from the other apps available on Shopify Store?

We’ve created Reveal because the evolution of the eCommerce industry made it clear that  

Customer Lifetime Value optimization is no longer an option but a necessity.

We’ve started to build our new approach to Customer Lifetime Value way before we’ve developed Reveal, back in the days when we realized that eCommerce stores need more than CRO to achieve ambitious goals or even to survive in an environment that gets more complicated and competitive day after day.

This is how Customer Value Optimization was born – as an alternative methodology to CLV optimization.  Around this methodology, we’ve developed an eCommerce app that uses Shopify data to help you measure, monitor, and predict customer behavior so you can improve all processes that have a direct impact on your online store’s CLV. 

Let’s see what each Shopify App can bring to your business. You can check the comparison table at the end of the article.

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Which of these Shopify apps is best for your DTC brand?

Reveal is a Customer Value Optimization tool that aggregates data, automates RFM segmentation, generates insights, and pushes data to the other tools you’re using, supporting your customer-centric approach.

Conversific is an analytics tool that helps you measure, monitor, and compare your products, conversions, and marketing channels’ performance against competitors.

Glew is an alternative for Business Intelligence tools that aggregates data from various platforms you’re using to measure performance and generate reports across departments.

Metrilo is an eCommerce analytics tool that has build-in solutions for CRM and email marketing, allowing you to manage these three capabilities from one platform.

Why do you need a Customer Value Optimization app for your Shopify store?

There are three ways you can sell more:

  • Attract more new customers to your store;
  • Convince your existing customers to buy more or higher value products;
  • Transform more of your new and existing customers into loyal customers.

To sustain growth you first need to know who is your Ideal Customer Profile, what are the needs and motivations of your most important customers. Only then can you think about how you can use all customer data to adjust your strategies for more profitable efforts.

To achieve this goal, you can use a Customer Value Optimization app – an app that uses existing data to help you measure, monitor, and generate predictions for customer behavior.

A CVO app is a new eCommerce app category created by Omniconvert through Reveal and is based on a proven methodology that:

  • Starts with a clear analysis of your customer base and an accurate and automated RFM segmentation
  • Helps you identify the most valuable customers and the detractors
  • Emphasizes the particularities of all customer segments
  • Simplifies decision-making when it comes to defining the most important marketing strategies for your eCommerce business: Customer experience, Customer retention, Customer lifetime value optimization, New customer acquisition.

Reveal features: a quick overview of our Shopify store app

Reveal captures data from Shopify analytics and transforms it into actionable insights for multiple roles in your company:

The Dashboard gives you a quick overview of historical and predictive KPIs so you can measure and evaluate customer-centricity and the store’s profitability. Knowing how many happy customers you’re having now gives you a preview of possible future results.

> Discover features in eCommerce Analytics

Using Shopify data, Reveal is rich in customer-related reports and insights, which helps marketing teams build more effective strategies thanks to accurate RFM segmentation, efforts oriented towards customer experience & loyalty, a clear view of the customers’ preferences, and the opportunity to improve business profitability based on predictive KPIs.

> Discover features in Customer Analytics and Segmentation

Reveals helps you evaluate product performance with a series of reports and KPIs that reflect how attractive your product assortment is, how good you are at creating excellent experiences around your products and which are your most successful products based on different eCommerce performance metrics. 

> Discover features in Product Performance

Your Customer Support department improves their results by knowing what customers think about their pre and post-delivery experiences, what are the chances to recommend your store and your products, and by integrating email marketing with Reveal to sync events and automate processes.

> Discover features in Customer Experience

While other businesses are focused on optimizing their sales and next ads campaign, you can stay on top of the competition by using Reveal: a tool that helps you maintain a healthy CLV to CAC ratio – a clear indicator of your business’s health and predictor of growth.

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About this Shopify App

Reveal is a Customer Value Optimization tool based on automated RFM segmentation that allows eCommerce businesses to improve customer journeys, customer experiences and generate higher ROI.
Conversific offers product-oriented analytics, industry benchmarks, and insights to help eCommerce businesses visualize data in one tool, optimize traffic, conversions, and sales.
Glew aggregates data from various eCommerce tools, helps businesses visualize all data in one place, and ensures cross-channel reporting for marketing, sales, inventory, shipping.
Metrilo collects eCommerce store data across various sources and helps businesses act on the gathered data by using the build-in CRM and email marketing tools.

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