Buying online is a different experience and has different triggers than buying in a mall or la local fashion store. That’s why when you optimize your fashion e-shop you have to try to offer the advantages of an online fashion store, but also to translate online the advantages of a real fashion retail store.

Your products need to have the best and most complete presentation possible. In a real store, customers can analyze fabrics for their color and texture; they can try clothes on and see if they fit; they can see immediately which color looks better on them.  In fashion e-shops you have to find the best ways to simulate these things or to give alternative ways of presenting a product. You have to offer not only just as much as a real store, but also to supplement.

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Also, if you want to compete with big online fashion shops you have to have a great marketing strategy and to apply it coherently from the beginning.

Here are some fashion e-shop optimization tips and tricks that you can follow if you want to start selling or to increase sales:

1.    Group products in more than one way
In real stores, products can only be displayed once, maybe twice. The product configurations you can choose are either by designer, either by style or type of product. In online fashion stores you can set multiple ways of display, by creating different filters. Items can be grouped according to price, size, and many more merchandize classification factors: brand, collection, colors, target audience (children, men, and women).

2.    Make products easy to find
One of the reason people like to shop online is that they save time and they can find easily what they were looking for.  One way to offer these advantages to them is by inserting a “research on site” button or a more complex form. This allows the visitors who already know precisely what they’re looking for, to find it in a second.

3.    Give each product the best chances to be chosen and bought
Images are the central element of a product page and images should show the clothing from different angles.  The clothing can appear in a simple manner or can be presented by a person.

The second option would give customers a better idea on how the product fits.  For a better view, images should have a zoom option.

The other most important element of a product page should be text description. In this case, you should keep it simple: people prefer well organized information and a bulleted list of product characteristics is probably the best way to do it.

4.    Make the size guide easy to use
Optimize your size guide: create a size chart. If your shop delivers internationally, show the equivalent sizes for every continent or country. If your products are presented by a person, specify what size the model wears. It will give people a better idea on product dimensions.


5.    Create outfits for a certain look
If you want to brand your fashion e-shop as more than a shop who sells clothes you have to act a little like a stylist. It’s good to show on product pages other similar products or recommended products. But it’s even better to complete this approach with complete outfits for a certain look. An option to buy whole looks could boost sales easily.

6.    Social sharing buttons
Shopping is a social activity and most people like to take someone with them when shopping. If you want to simulate this customer experience online, the best way to do it is by installing social buttons on product pages. By sharing your products, people can ask their friends advice before the purchase, while your fashion e-shop and its products benefit of new online exposure.

7.    Increase the site’s visibility
You can make your site visible through paid advertising or to gain visibility naturally through search engine optimization.  The important thing is to find what makes your e-shop different and to make it visible on words related to those distinct features of your fashion e-shop and its products. In time, you can think about making it visible on more general keywords, but who are also specific to your fashion domain (vintage clothing, sports clothing, prom dresses etc.)

8.    Make you fashion e-shop more attractive to buyers
Just like in real life, visitors form an opinion at first sight. This doesn’t mean you should use a flashy design. Actually the focus should be on products and on what this site can offer to them: different products, special prices. A great way to make products stand out is by using a simple minimalistic design. Another way is by giving the visitors a clear representation of products on the first page of the site. This can be done by inserting a selection of best selling products, a selection of products from the new collection or the products that are on sale.

9.    Remind customers about new offers
Fashion means trends, and trends change all the time. Always remember that your fashion e-shop is part of a seasonal market and new products can bring old customers back. Once a customer was interested in your products, find a way to re-engage him.  You can offer a coupon in exchange of a newsletter subscription. In fashion industry newsletters are a great way to keep customers informed about new arrivals or sales.

10.    Product reviews or comments
Asking for reviews or displaying a comments form is letting know your customers you trust the quality of your products. And in online shops, where the customer doesn’t have a direct interaction with the product, other buyers’ opinion is clearly a plus.

11.    Keep track of your visitors
You can use analytics software to see the navigation patterns of your customers and how they get to buy a certain product. These kinds of analysis help you optimize your site according to your customers needs in terms of navigation, linked products, available information.

12.    Make tailored offers to your customers
You can use special optimization software to find more about your customers at the very moment they’re visiting your site. Knowing your customers better means that you can offer them special offers, tailored to their needs and personal preferences.

These are just some of the techniques you can use to convert more on a fashion e-shop. But fashion, just as online marketing, is an industry that evolves constantly. You have to improve your site and your marketing strategies according to those changes and remember to always to keep an eye on competition!

The whole idea with optimizing your fashion e-shop for more sales, is to actually make the e-shop better. If the customers like your products and find the right information at the right time, sales are very likely to grow.


Photo source: Tauben