It feels like just yesterday, we were a small team of four people crammed into a small office with a big idea on our minds: helping eComm companies attract and convert traffic into paying customers!

And here we are, a decade later, celebrating our company’s anniversary and reflecting on all the incredible moments that brought us here.

From the late nights and early mornings to the triumphs and setbacks, we’ve been through it all together. 

And now, as we celebrate this milestone, we want to take a moment to honor the journey that got us here.

So, join us in raising a glass to the last 10 years—let’s celebrate the memories, the milestones, and most of all, the friendships that have made this journey truly unforgettable.

Looking Back: Our Beginnings, from Idea to Implementation

It all started back in 2013 when Valentin Radu, the CEO & Founder of Omniconvert, struggled with CRO and Retention at his company. Back then, he was the CMO & Co-Founder of a Car-Insurance Company. 

Traffic was expensive, and the road to growth took a lot of work.

From surveying their best customers to experimenting with the acquisition campaigns, Valentin and his teams managed to increase the company’s revenue from online marketing by 36% in one year.

This painful experience allowed Valentin to create a technology to help other eCommerce companies attract, understand, and convert traffic to paying customers.

So, in August 2013, Valentin founded a new company – Marketizator – and gathered a team of four people to develop solutions to address the CRO challenges.

In 2014, we were a team of seven (wonders), handling our own marketing and all the other nuts and bolts a start-up has to do to survive.

Our first big wins came in 2015 when:

  • We outgrew our office
  • G2Crowd named us the “highest overall customer satisfaction” CRO tool,
  • We were serving +1500 websites.
  • We’ve signed international clients – Forbes US, BFashion, and Avon.

Growing Up: Lessons Learned and Milestones Achieved

Not everything was fine and dandy, as we’ve seen our challenges on the path.

It was obvious very soon that our name had to be changed.

So, in October 2016, Marketizator became Omniconvert. Our mission at that time?

Bring smart CRO to the world’s eCommerce.

In 2017, unfortunately, the party was over, and we had to update our go-to-market strategy was not working.

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom, as 2017 was also the year we started developing an EU-funded project on Machine-Learning.

2017 is also the year when we kicked off the development of a customer intelligence platform: segment & nurture the customers according to their value & experience. At first, with a Magento extension, in 2017, we set the stones for what will soon become our pride and joy: Omniconvert Reveal.

In 2018 we moved offices again and regrouped in a new home that is still the place where the #Omniteam gathers to work, eat, innovate, laugh, party, and drive meaningful change.

2018 was our awakening when we started focusing on Customer Retention and decided to start educating the market about the subject.

2019 saw us in our years of adulting; we’ve sorted out the financials, cash flow, forecast, etc. processes, and we were back in the black.

No longer testing the waters and trying to make a place in the CRO world, we’ve blasted the world of Customer Experience and launched, for the very first time, Omniconvert Reveal.

In the same year, we launched Growth Interviews: a podcast & Youtube series with real experts from all over the world sharing their insights about achieving sustainable growth.

We also started making waves in the world of Customer Value Optimization with Reveal and our continuous thirst for innovation.

Omniconvert was on an upward spiral, and things wouldn’t stop there.

In 2020, the world stopped because of the pandemic. 

Even when keeping our distance, remote working, and learning how to adapt to the new reality, our hard work was still recognized: 

Omniconvert has once again achieved a ‘High Performant’ rating on the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Report due to positive reviews by verified users.

We also Launched Reveal via Shopify and started closing our most significant deals ever. 

2021 marked new accomplishments, milestones, and old flings coming back to life.

One of our most important achievements is the launch of The CVO Academy.

As pioneers of the Customer Value Optimization movement, we created a context for other trailblazers and early-adopter to get certified in the CVO Methodology. 

We teamed up with 8 A-level eCommerce experts to launch the CVO academy and help companies grow their Customer Lifetime Value.

The CVO Academy teaches you how to build a business on healthy pillars and achieve long-term, sustainable and predictable growth. 

With the CVO Academy added to our records, we became holistic providers for eComm & Retail companies worldwide:

  • Product – with Reveal and Explore tried and tested, Omniconvert Software can now create more meaningful customer experiences: from traffic to conversions, from conversions to lifetime customers.
  • Services – our Managed Services team is alive and kicking, working on both the CRO and CVO side, working alongside our global clients to drive meaningful change.
  • Knowledge – the CVO Academy serves as a base camp for professionals who understand customer-centricity’s true value.

2021 was also the year we achieved a +50% YoY growth, confirming we were on the right path, and our prediction that CVO would be a game-changer turned out to be a reality.

Let’s quickly recap 2022.

We mostly kept the remote work situation, although we’ve still found a few occasions to get together and live-laugh-work. 

We grew as a team, signed essential clients, and brought new partners on board, and Valentin began writing his book CVO. 

We launched the first event dedicated to CVO – the CLV Revolution – and the first edition’s success ensured 2023 would bring (at least) another edition. 

Omniconvert Reveal was helping more and more companies to make sense of their data and make the best business decisions from a customer-centric approach.

And 2022 culminated with Omniconvertește 2023: a local charity event that raised +6k Euros for NGOs dealing with underprivileged children and their education.

Forging Ahead in the words of Valentin Radu

Looking back, after 10 years since Omniconvert was born, I realize how crucial the numbers are and how much value they genuinely have: 

10 million euros, hundreds of customers, and thousands of companies that tested our products and services. 

Hundreds of millions of web pages and millions of online transactions are influenced by our team.

In retrospect, these numbers seem to have lost their significance. 

Words are what genuinely matters today.

The words of our customers, who honor us. 

The words of former colleagues, who appreciate us. 

The words of the partners who support us.

The words of our loved ones, who love us.

And, of course, the words of my colleagues.

Everything started from my synapses that seemed to form a dream. A dream that was too beautiful to be true without my colleagues.

Their words represent the concrete poured into this daring construction site: Let’s put Romania on the map of retail technologies.

Did we succeed?

Somewhat yes.

After a decade of masterful mistakes and honest attempts, we can indeed say that we know who we are, who we help, and what problems we solve.

We have structure, maturity, and a fantastic team.

The vision for the next 10 years is to create the category for Customer Value Optimization in retail and eCommerce.

The problem we address is increasingly acutely felt in the market: companies want to see profits after years of growth at any cost. And increasing conversions and Customer Lifetime Value is the safest and surest road to profit.

To that end, Omniconvert has become a global center of excellence in CVO: we’re already offering an online academy with international teachers and practitioners, continuous training for agencies that need to differentiate themselves, and solid software already adopted by retailers such as Max Mara, Decathlon, Auchan, Orange, or Leroy Merlin. 

Healthy growth ensues, and our beautiful story moves on to the next level!

Cheers to another successful decade!

As we look back on the last 10 years, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the people who made it all possible—the founders who took a chance on an idea, the team members who poured their hearts into our mission, the clients who believed in us, and the partners who supported us along the way.

Thank you all for being part of this fantastic ride, and we can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve next – together.