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Unlock growth with behavioral targeting and traffic segmentation.

Data driven technologies for customer retention and conversion rate optimization. Eliminate guesswork. It’s all in the data!

*30 days FREE trial. A/B testing, Personalization, Surveys and Advanced Segmentation included.

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Select a parameter for segmentation.
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One size doesn’t fit all.

You can now personalize the experience of different visitor segments with just a few clicks.

While other solutions have up to 25 available options, you will find over 40 points of segmentation within Omniconvert that you can mix & match.

*30 days FREE trial. A/B testing, Personalization, Surveys and Advanced Segmentation included.

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Historical data

This is the data from the customer database recorded in the past. Unlike the real-time data, historical data belongs to your customers, not prospects. Also, while real-time data falls into segmentation, the historical data is the basis of the personalization. With the use of RFM Analysis and RFM Segmentation, our software Reveal will redefine your perception towards your customer base and will help you build your Customer Retention strategy, giving you clarity by converting your raw data into actionable insights.

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Real-time data

This is collected from real visitors on your website in real time through cookies and other variables and parameters. It also involves logic rules that match the visitors’ data to the segmentation made by you before the visit happens.

Some real-time data you can use in personalization are:
• Geolocation (city, country, temperature, weather conditions)
• Technology (device type, operating system, browser, resolution)
• Behavior (time on site, days since first/last visit, viewed products/categories, etc)
• Traffic source (direct, search, email, social media, direct)

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3rd party data

This is collected from various integrations with DMPs, publishing websites through cookies or other attributes. Based on the content consumption, they collect a massive amount of anonymous web browsing activity. After that, their technology analyzes the pages, extracting keywords and relevant themes. Keywords are then linked with visitors, building detailed audience profiles. Audience data can then be used to drive increased revenue.

• Demographics (sex, age, marital status, parenting status, etc)
• Hobbies
• Interests
• Brand affinities


different segmentation criteria

We say we’ve got the best segmentation engine. Because it empowers you to know your visitors in detail. You have 40+ parameters to build actionable insights about them. Exactly what you need to serve them what they want. And for you redefine profitability.

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With customer demographics, your website becomes the shop around the corner. In Singapore. And Atlanta. And Milan. Add in weather and get closer to your visitors mood of the day. Plus you’ve got the universal conversation icebreaker. “Did you get your umbrella?”




UTM Params


Traffic Source

*30 days FREE trial. A/B testing, Personalization, Surveys and Advanced Segmentation included.

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