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Gear up your website for real time, one-to-one interaction.

Unlock growth with data driven personalization.

*30 days FREE trial. A/B testing, Website Overlays, Surveys and Advanced Segmentation included.

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Personalization means being relevant

Talk to real people. Not demographics.

Omniconvert powers up your visitor interactions with everything you know about them, so you can deliver a relevant, real time experience.

The most advanced segmentation engine in the market

With Omniconvert, you will choose from 40+ data points to know your visitors and use all your insights to tailor the offer they can’t refuse.

Real conversations lead to real sales. And profits. Omniconvert covers all layers of Customer Segmentation which can give you incredible insight when it comes to creating one-to-one connections with your customers.

Exit personalization boosts Samsung’s revenue by 26% in two weeks

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Personalization in advertising.

Types of Web Personalization

If you want to be noticed, you should consider surprising your audience with a different approach. 

The principle of website personalization is pretty simple: sort your visitors/customers by certain criteria and then treat them accordingly. Some personalization strategies that keep your efforts to a minimum and can be done with a personalization platform such as Omniconvert Explore are:

By User type

By website behavior

By weather & temperature

By Device type

By geo-location

Benefits of Web Personalization

All the website personalization efforts are affecting in a way or another the User Experience. If you want to improve your conversion rates, you have to improve first the User Experience. Besides, a better User Experience, it also has other benefits

What can you personalize with Omniconvert?


Adapt web pages

Adapt the content of the existing webpages.


Personalized overlays

Trigger on-load, on-scroll & on-exit personalized overlays to re-engage or be relevant to each visitor at the right time.


Satisfaction surveys

Target unhappy customers from previous customer satisfaction surveys. Give them what they need.


With our direct integrations and with those made through Zapier you can connect Omniconvert with the apps you’re currently using, such as your email marketing provider, your ecommerce platform or your analytics tools.


Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar or Inspectlet are important tools that help you monitor your traffic and your users behavior on your website, through analytics and heatmaps. We have integrations with all of these so you can track and get valuable insights from all your Omniconvert experiments.

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Online shops

Whatever your ecommerce platform, Omniconvert allows you to make the most out of it by easily integrating with platforms such as Magento or Shopify.

Email automation

Through Zapier you can easily connect your Omniconvert lead capturing overlays with any major email automation service, such as MailChimp or GetResponse. No wasting time on manually syncing lists, no new-leads are lost.

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