It’s time for your ROAS

to ROAR ahead

Get prepared for a cookieless future! Improve Facebook & Instagram ad results with dynamic custom audiences based on 1st-party data.

* The Dynamic Audience Builder feature is available only on the Scale plan.

Looking for a way to survive the surging ad costs?

Change what’s within your power to dominate the wild eCommerce jungle.

With third-party cookies dying, you keep seeing the same trend: CPA rising and ROAS dropping.
This needs to stop.

There’s a better approach to Facebook and Instagram ads.

Start optimizing your store’s ad campaigns using the Dynamic Audience Builder and generate better audiences based on your most valuable resource:
your first-party data.

Decrease CAC

Attract more customers like your best customers and keep the acquisition costs as low as possible.

Maximize ROAS

Generate better ROAS by reaching the right audience with relevant offers and messages at the right time.

Increase CLV

Re-engage your new and repeat customers with relevant ads to support your retention efforts.

Set it & forget it

Your custom audiences are constantly updated and sent directly to your Facebook Business Account.

Discover the Dynamic Audience Builder

The hottest & most relevant product in the current cookieless context

All the data you need for better Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns is in your REVEAL account. With the Audience Builder, your customer data becomes your goldmine.

Generate relevant custom audiences

Get your custom audiences in three easy steps:

  1. Create lookalike and custom audiences based on your data in REVEAL.
  2. Send your audience from REVEAL directly to your Facebook Ads account.
  3. Set it and forget it: the audiences are constantly updated with new data.

Use the power of your 1st-party data

Create custom and lookalike audiences based on your first-party data: 

RFM is a segmentation method that allows you to analyze and identify your best customers based on three main variables: recency, frequency, and monetary value.

NPS is a way to segment customers into promoters, neutrals & detractors. Build various audiences to address your customers based on how they rated the customer experience: prevent churn

Are there any cities/ countries that are more important than others for your company? Make sure you build custom or lookalike campaigns to address those audiences specifically.

Build lookalike audiences based on customers that bought a specific product or category OR address customers that purchased a particular product or category to buy another relevant product.

With this way to create audiences, you can make sure you onboard first time customers properly, prevent them from churning or build win-back campaigns that are triggered on auto-pilot

With this type of audience, you can build tailor-made campaigns for certain brand aficionados: you can either retarget them with new stuff from the same brand or build lookalike audiences based on them with relevant messaging. 

Build smarter ad campaigns

Run the most effective ad campaigns built around well-defined audiences with a clear goal in mind:

See how our feature uses the power of customer data to improve your store’s acquisition and retention performance.

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The Dynamic Audience Builder feature is available only on the Scale plan.​

*Our Audience Builder feature works only for eCommerce companies.

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