Qualitative research is the process of gaining an understanding of the motivations and reasons customers use your products or services. It’s a research method used for finding out why people have a certain perception of your products or services, and how they feel after interacting with your brand.

It tells you what are the factors that make customers choose one product over another one, what motivates them, and how the design and branding of your services and products affect their purchase decision. Qualitative research can also reveal which marketing messages are more effective, how prices affect the decision-making process, and whether customers would be interested in a new product or service you plan to launch.

This method can help you discover trends and can provide insights that will help you generate new ideas and hypotheses for quantitative research. Unlike quantitative research, qualitative research is less structured, uses a smaller number of respondents, and the findings aren’t conclusive, meaning that you cannot generalize the conclusions.