With skyrocketing advertising costs and tough competition, more and more eCommerce store stakeholders are starting to realize that the most sustainable growth can only be generated through improved customer retention.

And the next questions that come to everyone’s mind is:

  • How do you increase customer retention rate
  • What data do you need to create an effective customer retention strategy?
  • What tools can you use to monitor, analyze, and improve customer retention rates?

Today we’ll try to give you the answer to the latter by comparing two eCommerce analytics tools: Reveal and Metrilo.

Let’s explore how these two platforms help you achieve one of the most important goals for your store’s success. 

What is Reveal?

Reveal is the first Customer Value Optimization platform that helps eCommerce businesses with automated insights to gain more valuable customers.

Reveal uses automated segmentation and transforms all of your eCommerce data into actionable insights to help you improve Customer Lifetime Value, increase the number of loyal customers, and maximize ROI.

What is Metrilo?

Metrilo is an all-in-one analytics, CRM, and email marketing platform for businesses exclusively focused on the eCommerce market.

Metrilo collects eCommerce store data and allows businesses to see all of their important KPIs in the analytics part of the platform, while the CRM and email marketing build-in tools help them to act on the information previously analyzed.

Reveal vs Metrilo – The main features for your customer retention efforts

Now that you’ve decided that customer retention is one of the top priorities for sustainable growth, you must understand the value that each app brings to your eCommerce store through the features they’re offering. 

Business Overview

Being a Customer Value Optimization platform, Reveal’s Dashboard shows you the most important KPIs you need to generate more valuable customers. While viewing Reveal’s dashboard, you can easily spot the right KPIs and Reports that help you understand more about your Customer Value.

Metrilo’s dashboard shows the performance of your sales efforts in real-time. The KPIs included in the dashboard are more relevant for evaluating your conversion rate optimization efforts than generating insights about customer lifetime value optimization. 

Reveal Dashboard

– Revenue
– Margin
– Customers
– Orders
– Average Order Count
– Average Order Value
– Average Days Between Transactions
– Net Promoter Score
– Revenue vs. Margin by Customer Type (new vs. repeat)
– Average Retention Rate
– Chances to Place Next Order
– Customer Distribution
– Retention Curve
Metrilo Dashboard

– Revenue
– Visitors
– Successful Orders
– New Customers
– Conversion Rate by devices
– Growth recommendations
– Top Performing products
– Valuable Customers
– Customer LTV
– Cart abandonment
– Average order value
– Revenue per visitor
– Checkout completion

Customer Segmentation

In Reveal, your customer segments are created automatically based on RFM segmentation, a method that helps you group together customers according to their scores for Recency (R), Frequency (F) & Monetary Value (M).

RFM segmentation helps you identify the most valuable customer groups and understand their particularities so you can have a clear image of how you should approach each group to increase customer lifetime value and customer satisfaction.

The default names for the RFM groups are Soulmates, Lovers, New Passion, Flirting, Potential Lovers, Platonic Friend, About to Dump You, Don Juan, Ex-Lovers, Apprentice, Break-Up.

You can learn more about how to address each RFM segment by reading our in-depth guide on Customer Value Optimization.

Unlike Reveal, Metrilo does not use automated segmentation of RFM analysis. The segments are created manually in the CRM tool and users have 30+ filters and filter combinations to generate distinctive groups. 

Action-based and customer-based filters allow you to create various lists for marketing purposes such as re-engaging with customers that haven’t bought in the last three months.

Both platforms allow you to push data to the CRM and email marketing tools for more targeted offers. But, if you are looking for a Metrilo alternative with automated segmentation, Reveal satisfies your need via automated RFM segmentation, collecting and processing historical customer-related data to generate distinctive groups.

Customer Retention

Reveal offers plenty of insight to help you analyze how good your eCommerce business is at keeping customers close in the long term. Customer retention data can be pushed to various channels to create effective customer loyalty programs.

It all starts with the segments automatically generated through the RFM distribution model, which allows you to analyze different groups by looking at retention-related metrics.

These are the customer retention metrics included in Reveal’s reports that you can use for data-driven decisions:

  • Revenue vs Margin by Customer Type
  • Revenue vs Margin by RFM Group
  • Average Retention Rate
  • Chances to Place Next Order
  • NPS Score
  • Customer Distribution
  • Retention Curve
  • Cohort Analysis (by first purchase moments as an amount or as a percentage)
  • Buyer Habits (filtered by product name, brand name, RFM group, number of orders, number of customers, revenue, margin)

See How Reveal by Omniconvert increased Otter’s retention rate by 30% by focusing on a single customer segment!

Compared to Reveal, Metrilo doesn’t show you retention-related KPIs per each customer segment that you defined, but it includes a graph that reflects the number of one-time customers compared to repeat customers.

The advantage that Reveal gives you is that you can treat segments according to their behavior and needs to maximize the chances of generating retention for each of your most important segments.

Metrilo allows users to analyze customer behavior by looking at metrics such as:

  • Revenue
  • Orders
  • Existing Customers
  • Revenue per customer
  • Orders per customer
  • Average days between orders
  • Cohort analysis (products, coupons, source, campaigns)

Surveys for customer satisfaction/experience

Reveal helps you analyze the feedback received from your customers via the Net Promoter Score metrics that can be visualized as aggregated or based on your selected timeline. 

The platform allows you to see the net promoter score for different relevant variables for your store:

  • NPS per Brand
  • NPS per Category
  • NPS per RFM Group
  • NPS per Customer Attribute
  • NPS per Order Attribute

With Reveal, you can increase customer retention and satisfaction by monitoring the NPS before the delivery and after the product/service delivery.

These automated insights help you to understand what makes customers come back, how to reduce churn, and how you can improve on-site and post-acquisition experiences.

In Metrilo, you can measure how satisfied customers are with the shopping experience by using the Customer Feedback Store feature. 

The results of the surveys are then displayed as an aggregated value, you can see the total number of responses and the response rate, the level of satisfaction split by happy/ neutral/ unhappy in real-time and as a timeline over a selected period, and you can also see the feedback for each customer.

Product Performance

Reveal helps you analyze and improve your assortment with three categories of automatically generated metrics: product returns, customer satisfaction, and catalog performance.

Product returns reports reflect your store’s worst-performing products, brands, and categories and you can analyze order returns by customer type, RFM group, and brand for a more detailed image of your current situation:

  • Order Return Rate (percentage of orders)
  • Order Return Split (distribution of orders)
  • Order Return Count (number of orders)

Customer satisfaction is measured via Net Promoter Score and, as you read earlier, this metric can be analyzed by brand, category, customer attribute, and order attribute.

Reveal also helps you measure catalog performance based on revenue, margin, orders, and the number of customers who have purchased them:

  • Top Performing Brands 
  • Top Performing Products
  • Top Performing Categories

Metrilo allows you to analyze your store’s assortment by looking at products that sell best, conversion rates, and abandonment rates. 

The feature is useful if you want to create cross-selling offers by finding the products that are frequently bought together, but also if you need to push slow-moving products that people wouldn’t buy otherwise.

Email Marketing

Thanks to its integration with Klaviyo and Sendgrid, Reveal allows you to create highly targeted email campaigns. The valuable data you have from pre-built RFM segments can be used to develop personalized messages to generate purchases from new and existing clients.

By integrating Reveal with Klaviyo or Sendgrid, you will be able to create campaigns, flows & segments using RFM score (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value) and other customer data dynamically collected from REVEAL.

How to Integrate Reveal with KlaviyoHow to Integrate Reveal with Sendgrid

After you’ve created segments using various filters, Metrilo allows you to design and send email marketing campaigns to your audience by using their built-in email marketing features. But, if you want to connect to another email marketing tool, you need to export your data as .csv and import your file in a third-party platform.

Metrilo gives you access to saved email templates that you can use for various purposes (welcome email, abandoned cart, cross-selling), allows you to create email campaigns manually and to send automated emails. 

Historical and Predictive data

Both tools offer easy to sync with historical data in their users’ eCommerce platforms and the imported data is processed and shown across various customer, product, and store reports.

When it comes to data, the main difference between Reveal and Metrilo is that Reveal automatically calculated predictive KPIs such as 

  • Predictive Customer Lifetime Value
  • Predictive Customer Lifetime Value by RFM group
  • Chances to Place Next Order

Metrilo does not calculate predictive KPIs, but users can use historical data to predict the behavior of their customers.

Reveal and Metrilo integrations with other platforms

Reveal has direct integration with Shopify and integrates well with all major eCommerce platforms by reading and interpreting JSON feeds through automated or manual import/export or through API access.

  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • Volusion
  • WooCommerce
  • 3Dcart
  • Demandware
  • VTEX + others

To support your email marketing efforts, Reveal integrates with Klaviyo and Sendgrid.

Metrilo has official plugins for:

  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify

Which of these two apps is suitable for your business?

Reveal is a Customer Value Optimization platform that will help your eCommerce businesses with automated insights to gain more valuable customers. If your store is built on Shopify, Reveal is the best option out there for customer lifetime value optimization, customer analytics, and retention optimization.

Metrilo is an analytics, CRM, and email marketing platform for businesses exclusively focused on the eCommerce market. Metrilo might be an alternative for a business that wants to manage both eCommerce data, CRM, and email marketing in the same platform, but it does not include automated segmentation and does not deliver as many insights on customer value optimization as Reveal does.

Who is Reveal built for?

– Shopify Stores
– Non-Shopify Stores
– Agencies (Digital Strategist, Account Manager, Growth Specialist, Data Analyst, Paid Ads Manager)
Who is Metrilo built for?

– DTC brand owners
– eCommerce marketers
– Agencies

Integrating Reveal with your eCommerce platform helps you generate notable improvements in three main areas of your store:

  • Customer Value Optimization

Grow your store by retaining more customers: monitor & improve the Customer Lifetime Value, Retention Rate, and Net Promoter Score

  • Actionable Customer Segments

Automatically segment customers by RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) & create personalized journeys via ads, emails & on your website

  • Improve product assortment

Find the best & worst products that are churning your customers by monitoring NPS before & after delivery to find the expectation gap.

If you want to book a demo customized around your eCommerce business, our colleagues are happy to set a walkthrough so you can get an in-depth understanding of our CVO tool.

If you’re ready to try it for free, go to our Shopify app page and integrate REVEAL into your store!

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