Dear Shopify, 

We have chosen to partner with you thanks to our common philosophy: to empower merchants all over the world.

On the 24th of June last year, we launched our app REVEAL after two years of hard work.

We helped hundreds of Shopify merchants understand and retain their customers better.

However, despite our efforts, we feel helpless and neglected.


Several weeks ago, you changed the way you prioritize apps in the marketplace.

There are two issues with this update:

1. The top apps in various sections are irrelevant: 

In marketing analytics, there are only 6/12 top apps related to that topic.

REVEAL is not listed at all in the marketing analytics, despite having 85 reviews at a 5/5 rating. 

Instead, there are tactical apps like heatmaps or live chat apps. 

2. This caused us to get listed in 2 categories that are not relevant for our app and for what we do for merchants.

We are a data platform.

We help merchants track and segment their customers to fix retention, churn, and customer lifetime value.

We have tried to talk to the support, even your partner manager from the UK, and other people inside your company, but it seems that apps coming from EMEA are not that important, even though we spend 24/7 serving merchants all over the world.

What can we do to get support in this region to at least exist in the correct category in your app store?

United we stand!

Omniconvert Team