We often get asked by Shopify store owners how are we different than Klaviyo. While we’d love to say that REVEAL is better than all the other customer lifetime value apps out there, the truth is our tool and Klaviyo are not competitors.

What about Lifetimely? Although our software offers similar features, there are some key differences between the two tools. So we’d like to take a few minutes and go through the similarities and differences, to help you make an informed decision. 

Before we dive into the comparison, here’s the bottom line in our subjective opinion:

  • REVEAL is the best option out there for Shopify stores with minimum 10.000 orders per month, when it comes to customer lifetime value optimization, customer analytics and retention optimization. 
  • Klaviyo is without any doubt an excellent choice for marketing automation and for customer analysis across owned channels. It integrates smoothly with REVEAL, so you can use the power of our tool to segment your customer base, and import the segments to Klaviyo for personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Lifetimely offers a good overview of cohorts, so it is an option to consider if you’re only interested in the big picture. However, unlike Reveal, it doesn’t show you granular data at customer level.

Note: If you’re more of a doer, head over to Shopify and see REVEAL in action in your store. It’s completely free and takes 3 minutes to integrate.

What customer insights can you extract?

Reveal is a CVO (Customer Value Optimization) platform that helps you monitor and manage your customers’ behavior. 

It uses RFM segmentation and offers cohort analysis features, so you can extract actionable insights from your customer data:

  • NPS scores to interpret customer satisfaction,
  • AOV and LTV to understand who your ideal customers are,
  • Retention rates to personalize your marketing campaigns and onboarding,

Klaviyo is a marketing automation tool that uses forms, customer segmentation and personalization features to help you run more effective ads, e-mail and SMS campaigns.

As such, you can use it together with Reveal by exporting the profiles of your most valuable segments, and using them in Klaviyo to create better targeted and better converting marketing campaigns.  

Lifetimely’s key feature is the cohort analysis, which enables you to see:

  • Your customer lifetime value and repurchase rate, 
  • How your best customers behave,
  • Your real-time profitability,
  • Your recurring costs.

What customer segments can you create?

With Reveal, you can are given the ability to segment your customers in countless ways:

  • based on customer lifetime purchase history
  • starting from customer behavior
  • based on LTV or AOV
  • starting from cohorts
  • based on NPS
  • based on retention and likelihood to place another order

Reveal uses the RFM segmentation model and based on customer, order and product data, it groups your customers into the following segments:

 True Lovers – your most valuable customers, they bought the most often and have spent the most

  • Ex-lovers – former True Lovers who have churned
  • Lovers – active customers who have placed a couple of orders
  • Potential Lovers – active customers who placed a couple of high-value orders
  • Flirting – customers ordering on and off
  • Passionate New Guy – customers who have placed 1-2 orders of average value
  • Platonic Friend – active customers who place very few orders
  • About to Dump You – inactive customers, having placed their latest order more than 6 months ago
  • Fresh Apprentice – new customers who have just placed their first order
  • Break-up – customers who are inactive and used to place low-value orders

In Klaviyo, the segmentation is less order-focused, but offers important insights, such as:

  • Behavior patterns
  • Location and customer attributes
  • Lists the clients belong to
  • Consent for receiving SMS, GDPR compliance
  • Predictive analytics

While still helpful, Lifetimely’s customer analytics and segmentation don’t offer any advanced fine-tuning options.

You can visualize your consumer base and gather data about segments that churn and cohorts that spend more, so you can get an idea about who your high-value customers are.

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What filters can you use?

In Reveal, for each of your client segments, you can zoom in on the following attributes:

  • NPS Score – used for understanding and keeping track of customer feedback
  • CLV – to determine how long it takes to get the investment back after acquiring a customer
  • Cohort Analysis Results – this helps you find out which clients are the most valuable
  • Average Retention Rate – shows you the percentage of customers with more than 1 order

Klaviyo uses what they call flow filters for its targeting purposes. These are applied to a customer’s flow entry and before sending an e-mail. The e-mail flow has automated triggers, such as:

  • Post-Purchase Cross-Sell
  • High-Value Item Browse Abandonment
  • Post-Purchase Thank You and Tips 

Lifetimely offers filtered information in a table format about your: 

  • Interactions with customers over time
  • How much money each cohort spends on your products
  • During which period they spent it
  • What kind of customers they are

How to see the repeat orders per customer/segment?

Reveal’s cohort analysis enables you to keep track of your repeat orders and customer loyalty. You can see, at cohort or customer level, how many orders were placed and which products were bought the most.

Lifetimely offers a similar functionality, but the segmentation and filtering options are less granular, as the focus is mostly on LTV data.

In Klaviyo, you can create repeat purchase segments and target them further across channels. You can adjust the frequency and timeframe and add conditions per segment.

How to see your profit & margins per segment/customer?

Reveal offers insights about:

  • The Share of Margin per customer type
  • The Share of Margin per RFM group
  • The likelihood of your customers placing their next order

Lifetimely also offers plenty of margin and profit analysis tools to help you optimize your LTV. You can track your profit per:

  • Marketing channel
  • Product categories and types
  • Loyalty program
  • Country

With Klaviyo, you can see the revenue generated by your channels, and analyze the revenue per recipient, but you don’t have profit or margin data.

How to see the AOV in these customer lifetime value apps?

Both Lifetimely and Reveal show you AOV data, but in our tool you can dive deeper into the numbers and analyze RFM segments or cohorts, to see how the numbers vary.

Klaviyo offers insights into AOV as well, so you can see who your low-value and high-value customers are, and which channels perform better.

How to see the LTV per customer segment?

With Reveal, you can monitor the lifetime value per customer, RFM group or cohort.

The LTV report is automatically created for you and takes into account multiple metrics, such as:

  • the Average Customer Lifespan,
  • the Customer Retention Rate,
  • the Profit Margin per Customer,
  • the Rate of Discount,
  • the Average Customer Value per selected interval.

Klaviyo’s customer lifetime value analysis takes into account the historic CLV and predictive CLV, the probability of churn and the average time between purchases. Using such data you can create custom welcome flows, different popups for different shopping behaviors and potential LTV.

Moreover, both Reveal’s and Klaviyo’s LTV reports enable you to create lookalike audiences for retargeting purposes or paid ads in social platforms.

As for Lifetimely, the customer lifetime value report is cohort-based. You can narrow down and filter your data per product, channel, country, collection, product type or discount code.

Pricing and reviews

  • Reveal is free for Shopify stores until the end of 2020. You can add it to your shop here.
  • Lifetimely’s price starts at $19/month, but the tool comes with a 14-day free trial.
  • Klaviyo is free up to 250 email contacts.

As for reviews, each of these customer lifetime value apps is highly appreciated by Shopify store owners. Here are some reviews for Reveal:

Here’s what clients say about Lifetimely:

Finally, here are some reviews for Klaviyo:

Which of these customer lifetime value apps is the best for your Shopify store?

As stated from the beginning, we know that REVEAL is not for everyone. If you’re using a custom e-commerce platform, or you prefer to let your data and analytics team handle all the reporting and analysis of customer insights, you might not need our tool.

However, we believe that the features, integrations and pricing of our app make it the best option for Shopify stores with more than 10.000 orders per month. And even for smaller shops, if your team is big enough to make use of the reports we offer!

At the same time, we’re quite confident that REVEAL used in combination with Klaviyo is a winning solution for e-commerce owners looking to fully understand their customers and to improve their retention rates and CLV in a data-driven manner.

If that sounds like you, and you’re already using Klaviyo, go to our Shopify app page and integrate REVEAL to your store to get the most out of these two customer lifetime value apps!