People are nowadays flooding into the online marketing space without knowing exactly where to start from. The learning curve for someone new in a field can take years, but as an employee, you must deliver results fast.

Any online business owner wants his marketing team to increase the online sales for his website where he presents its offer to the public. That means marketers have to focus on converting the traffic into sales.

As a beginner in online marketing, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of content that’s out there. That’s why I am putting together this blog post in which you will see which are the most visited and appreciated online marketing blogs on the web, and also how well are they optimized.

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The 8 traits of a successfully optimized blog

To create this top, we have selected the online marketing blogs that are the most visited on the web and evaluated each blog based on eight criteria.

1. The blog’s traffic 

The traffic of the blog was important in our analysis because it reflects its content’s quality.

2. If there’s a Google Analytics tracking code installed on the website

If you don’t measure, you simply don’t know what you should be doing to optimize your website. Web analytics reports show you where your website is leaking money, and you will be able to take actions to solve those problems.

3. If there’s a Google Tag Manager code installed on the website

Google Tag Manager is an advanced tool that allows marketers to launch their programs faster and take data-driven decisions.

4. Call To Action above the fold

As Steve Krug says in his book “Don’t make me think”, people need to be told what to do. If you give them too many options, they’ll do whatever they think it’s right. But that doesn’t mean they will do what you want from them.

5. The Call To Action has a clear benefit

Displaying a clear call to action above the fold is important because you can decide what users should do next on your website. And if it’s subscribers what you need, then you should show clear benefits to your users straight from the top of the page.

6. If there’s an exit pop-up that collects leads

To empower your website to convert, you need to make it conversational like you would talk to your users face-to-face. Overlayers are a great way to make your website more interactive and persuasive at the same time.

An overlayer that contains a free offer or a strong argument for people to take the actions you want them to take is one of the best ways to collect leads.

7. Page Speed

If a website is loading slow, your conversion rate will suffer.

8. If there are any conversion rate optimization tools installed

If you’re using a conversion optimization tool it means that you’ve already realized the value of CRO.

In our analysis, we have been giving points to each of these 8 criteria and obtained a score for each blog. If you’ll read this post until the end, you will see how every blog scored at optimization.

Ready? Let’s go!

Top 50 Online Marketing Bloggers

Neil Patel

Neil Patel, Blogger at Neil Patel – very actionable tips on how to attract qualified traffic to your website from a successful online marketing entrepreneur.

  • Optimization score: 50 points

Brian Dean

Brian Dean, Blogger at Backlinko – SEO tips coming from someone who has managed to make a living from what he loves.

  • Optimization score: 46 points

Brian Massey

Brian Massey, Blogger at ConversionSciences – an up-to-date and very well documented blog on conversion rate optimization

  • Optimization score: 45 points

Peep Laja

Peep Laja, Blogger at ConversionXL – a very friendly and useful blog for optimizers who want to stay on top and become better at what they do.

  • Optimization score: 44 points

Derek Halpern

Derek Halpern, Blogger at Social Triggers – a very friendly blog that teaches you how “to be on top of your business game” using social selling principles.

  • Optimization score: 40 points

Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins, Blogger at Goins Writer – learn how to write and make a difference.

  • Optimization score: 40 points

Matthew Barby

Matthew Barby, Blogger at Matthew Barby – learn how to scale your business using SEO, website optimization, and marketing automation.

  • Optimization score: 39 points

Jay Baer

Jay Baer, Blogger at Convince & Convert – you can learn from his blog and books how to become an online customer service master.

  • Optimization score: 38 points

John Chow

John Chow, Blogger at John Chow – a place to learn how to monetize a blog and start a business

  • Optimization score: 37 points

Dustin W. Stout

Dustin W. Stout, Blogger at Dustn.TV – learn how to improve your online presence using social media

  • Optimization score: 36 points

Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel, Blogger at Sujan Patel – learn how to build products and launch new businesses from a successful entrepreneur and online marketer.

  • Optimization score: 36 points

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield, Blogger at Amy Porterfield – a great blog to learn Facebook marketing.

  • Optimization score: 34 points

Amy Lynn Andrews

Amy Lynn Andrews, Blogger at Amy Lynn Andrews – you can learn about blogging, social media, productivity and making money from a blog.

  • Optimization score: 34 points


Frank Kern

Frank Kern, Blogger at Frank Kern – an insightful blog about how marketing automation can speed up your sales cycle.

  • Optimization score: 34 points

Joanna Wiebe

Joanna Wiebe, Blogger at Copyhackers – very insightful blog on how to write copy that sells

  • Optimization score: 34 points


Bryan Eisenberg

Bryan Eisenberg, Blogger at Bryan Eisenberg – one of the first blogs on the web about conversion rate optimization

  • Optimization score: 33 points


Jeff Sauer

Jeff Sauer, Blogger at JeffAlytics – an in-depth blog about Analytics, SEO, PPC and more

  • Optimization score: 33 points

John Doherty

John Doherty, Blogger at John Doherty – learn how to combine SEO, content and growth hacking to make the magic happen online.

  • Optimization score: 33 points

Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas, Blogger at Jeff Bullas – a very popular blog among professional bloggers and social media passionates that teaches you how to make a living from blogging.

  • Optimization score: 32 points

Robbie Richards

Robbie Richards, Blogger at Robbie Richards – learn how to build an online business from someone who has already done it with success.

  • Optimization score: 31 points

Chris Drucker

Chris Ducker, Blogger at Chris Ducker – a blog where you can learn how to build a profitable, meaningful business from your own personal brand.

  • Optimization score: 29 points

Jonathan Fields

Jonathan Fields, Blogger at Jonathan Fields – an inspirational blog about marketing and PR, entrepreneurship…and life.

  • Optimization score: 29 points

Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick, Blogger at Peg Fitzpatrick – learn how to “be everywhere” using the power of social media.

  • Optimization score: 29 points

Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice, Blogger at Rebekah Radice – a great blog to learn how to engage with your social media followers and start a meaningful conversation on the web.

  • Optimization score: 29 points

Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen, Blogger at Andrew Chen – get startup and tech marketing advice from a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur

  • Optimization score: 28 points

Bryan Harris

Bryan Harris, Blogger at Videofruit – very actionable (and persuasive) blog on how to grow an online business

  • Optimization score: 28 points

Brian Balfour

Brian Balfour, Blogger at Coelevate – one of the most insightful blogs about growth out there

  • Optimization score: 28 points

Jim Connolly

Jim Connolly, Blogger at Jim’s Marketing Blog – a blog about how to build a more successful business, increase sales and boost profits

  • Optimization score: 26 points

Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward, Blogger at Matthew Woodward – learn how to start a successful blog and monetize it step by step

  • Optimization score: 26 points

Kim Garst

Kim Garst, Blogger at Kim Garst – social selling made simple for small business owners

  • Optimization score: 24 points

Gael Breton

Gael Breton, Blogger at Authority Hacker – tips on how to become an authority on the web with your blog

  • Optimization score: 24 points

Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen, Blogger at Heidi Cohen – learn how to use content marketing and social media in your organization.

  • Optimization score: 24 points

John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas, Blogger at – get lessons about business and entrepreneurship from a successful entrepreneur

  • Optimization score: 24 points

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss, Blogger at FourHourWorkWeek – get inspiration for growing a business and living a happy life

  • Optimization score: 22 points

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuck, Blogger at – a very energetic entrepreneur who will teach your how to run successful businesses

  • Optimization score: 21 points

John Jantsch

John Jantsch, Blogger at DucttapeMarketing – tips and tricks on how to build a successful online marketing system

  • Optimization score: 21 points

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan, Blogger at Chris Brogan – learn how to make your voice heard in online and grow your online business.

  • Optimization score: 20 points

Pam Dyer

Pam Dyer, Blogger at Panorama – social media tips to “build buzz in a connected world”

  • Optimization score: 20 points

Bruce Clay

Bruce Clay, Blogger at Bruce Clay – a blog focused on SEO and complementary tactics from the PPC, content, and social media fields.

  • Optimization score: 18 points

Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy Schoemaker, Blogger at ShoeMoney – get insights into how to start an online business

  • Optimization score: 17 points

Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines, Blogger at Kristi Hines – learn how to use content marketing from one of the best content marketing professionals out there.

  • Optimization score: 17 points

Mari Smith

Mari Smith, Blogger at Mari Smith – get tips and tricks from one of the most influential persons in social media

  • Optimization score: 17 point

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts, Blogger at Matt Cutts – a blog about “Gadgets, SEO, and Google” from a Google employee.

  • Optimization score: 15 points

Bill Hartzer

Bill Hartzer, Blogger at Bill Hartzer – get SEO tips and up-to-date information about what’s happening in the SEO world.

  • Optimization score: 14 points

Brian Solis

Brian Solis, Blogger at Brian Solisunderstand the relationship between the evolution of technology and its impact on your business

  • Optimization score: 14 points

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn, Blogger at Smart Passive Income – get inspiration to build your own online business

  • Optimization score: 14 points

Tom Fishburne

Tom Fishburne, Blogger at Marketoonist – a visual blog where you can get an “inside look” in the world of organizations around the world.

  • Optimization score: 14 points

Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer, Blogger at Jon Loomer – get up-to-date tips on what’s working right now on Facebook

  • Optimization score: 13 points

Seth Godin

Seth Godin, Blogger at Seth Godin – an inspirational blog where you can get insights into the life of a successful marketer.

  • Optimization score: 13 points

Pam Moore

Pam Moore, Blogger at Pam Marketing Nut – learn how to develop and implement integrated digital marketing programs that deliver measurable results.

  • Optimization score: 11 points

The evaluation process of a blog

For a better understanding of the elements involved in the analysis of the blogs, let’s take a look at Derek Halpern’s blog at Social Triggers.

1. Is there a Google Analytics tracking code on the website?

Yes, there is. We’ve checked that up with Built With, a great tool to analyze websites on the web and also do competitive analysis.

2. Is Google Tag Manager installed on the website?

There was not.

3. Is there a Call To Action above the fold?

Yes, there is. Derek displays a photo of himself to people who visit their blog. This helps at making the blog more personal and establishing a relationship with the visitors.

Anyone who visits this blog knows from the start that there is a human being who writes about what they’re interested in. The call to action “Get Free Updates” is placed right above the fold where people can subscribe to his blog.

CTA Above the fold &clear benefit

4. Does the Call To Action have a clear benefit?

Yes, it does. “Get free updates” about how to be on top of your business game is a powerful incentive to subscribe.

Derek is making clear that if you click on the Call To Action button you will learn how to be on top of your business game.

5. Is there an exit pop-up that collects leads?

If you’ll try to exit the website, an overlayer will show up and offer you a free book about how to get more subscribers from your website.

Pop-up example

The overlayer contains a message that’s well-structured and persuasive. Who doesn’t want more subscribers for their business for free? Also, you get assured that Derek himself will teach you how to do that. The final element is the call to action “GIMMIE THE FREE BOOK” which is well placed near an ugly brother, an option that makes the first option better.

6. What’s the page speed of the blog?

We have used Google’s Page Speed Insights tool to find out how fast the website’s loading. Derek’s blog has a score of 75 out of 100. You can use it too to check out your website.

Final thoughts

As you see, you can learn from a blog how to become better at something, but you can also see the advice in action.

I hope that I managed to help you with selecting the blogs that will help you get started with online marketing and social media. Also, keep in mind that my intention was to show you the principles of conversion optimization that help you convert traffic into sales.

Of course, the process of transforming subscribers into sales take more time because you have to nurture those leads until they become buyers. But optimizing your website to collect leads is only the first step and you should do it right.

Good to know

*The research was realized on the 29th of September 2016. We didn’t take into account any change that was made since then in the design or copy of the blogs included in this top.

*If you believe we’ve missed a great blog that deserves to be in this top, just let me know in the comments.