Ecommerce. Very hot right now.

However, despite the neon yellow banana hammock, the reality isn’t great.

Many changes are happening regarding growing a company, advertising, email marketing, resources allocation, and whatnot. And this is happening for brands, agencies, and also for tech vendors.

I predict these three things will happen in the next 6-12 months, based on the signals I’m getting from the market and from the data I see daily.

  1. Midsized DTC brands will reach a numb spot where it will be tough for them to make any progress in growth. Why?

Lack of readiness for all the changes happening in digital marketing will impact revenue heavily and make them bleed profits.

  1. As a brand owner, you have two choices:
  • You’ll either become focused on data collection and building your strategy upon the customer journey, having CLV as your North Star metric
  • You will end up selling or closing down because you can’t adapt to the market’s needs and be competitive in the market. MeToo brand is a real trend.
  1. For tech vendors, I see the one trick pony apps that feed into gimmicky stuff, quick wins mentality dying down because they aren’t as complex as the market requires them to be, to be able to sustain a business’ growth long term.

PS: Agencies aren’t safe either.

These are some updates I have for you this week:

🏆 Remarkable CVO People: Drew Sanocki

When I started to learn and build my expertise in Customer Value Optimization, I went back to the originators of this methodology and dug deep into their work.

Now, I want to celebrate them all and share with the world the fantastic contributions these originators have to what is Customer Value Optimization today.

And how could I have not started this new series: Remarkable People in Customer Value Optimization, brought to you by Omniconvert CVO Academy, with one of the most brilliant minds in Marketing and retention economics – Peter Fader.

This week, we celebrate Drew Sanocki and all his outstanding contributions to what Customer Value Optimization is.

😊😐😠 NPS Case Study

One of the first things we do when working with clients on their Customer Value Optimization strategy is implementing the Net Promoter Score pre and post-delivery. This case study will show you why NPS is a powerful tool in measuring customer experience, how focused and inspired you can be by measuring this metric before and after delivery.

💡 A simple guide to RFM Segmentation. I promise. It’s straightforward.

Reading this simple guide about RFM segmentation will change how you analyze, approach, and value your customers. All you need to know about your customer is right there, in your transactional data that reveals customer behavior.

If you’re tired of guessing who your best customers are, what you could do to retain them and transform them into loyal customers, you need to try RFM segmentation. 

Analyzing and segmenting your customers based on their transactional behavior helps you optimize the processes you already have in place, positively impacting customer experience, retention, and lifetime value.

In this in-depth guide about RFM customer segments, you’re going to find answers to some of the most burning questions:

  • Who are your best and worst customers? 
  • How to use existing data to understand them better?
  • How to approach each segment?

📈 Our partner VTEX is now listed at NYSE, and we cannot be any happier for them.

A seamless digital commerce experience is crucial for retailers today.

VTEX Co-Founder & Co-CEO Mariano Gomide de Faria tells us how his company is helping big brands around the globe build a successful eCommerce strategy.

🎙️ Chatting with Steen Rassmussen one hour from now in a new episode of Ecommerce Growth Stories.

Steen Rasmussen stands out in digital marketing and analytics because he has a much more commercial focus than you usually expect in an analytics nerd.

He is very much into big thinking, networking, community building, and he’s not afraid to share every single thing he knows. So today, we are going to have a lot of fun catching up with him.

Until next time, stay growing 😉