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I was planning to talk to you guys about a different topic today, but as we all know (I mean, hopefully, we do by now), this week, Apple has announced their iOS15 update.

Apple’s iOS15 update is scheduled for September 2021 and is part of a series of changes that announce the end of the third-party data era. This new update will improve privacy by allowing your customers to hide from trackers their IP address, location, and whether they opened an email or not.

I am well aware of all the changes occurring in the digital space. We are constantly working on supporting you and Direct To Consumer brands to keep up with these changes while ensuring your margins are not taking big hits. 

Talking about the iOS15 update, we are equipped to support you and all users of REVEAL by providing the right strategies and clean data to inform and develop contextual marketing strategies, so much needed as a solution to the Apple iOS15 update but also to the iOS14.5 update that was previously released.

By leveraging REVEAL’s native integration with Klaviyo, you can use existing data to push email flows based on predictive buying cycles and email campaigns with a reduced frequency and lead-in engagement as the key performance indicator bespoke RFM Modelling.

This way, you can create flows and campaigns that stimulate consumers to react and interact, resulting in the possibility of tracking engagement, interest, and intent, outside the classic Click-Through-Rate and Open Rate metrics.

We also want to assure all our email marketing agency partners that they will benefit from all our support in adapting to these new changes that are emerging in the digital marketing space.

I have put together a press release, available for you here.

On another note, this is some cool stuff I want to share with you this week.

💰  Attentive is on a company acquisition spree.

After acquiring Privy last week, this week, they acquired Tone too. So, are they plotting to take over the whole space for conversational marketing? We will have to wait and see.

📊  What’s the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of your eCommerce business?

I’m sure that many eCommerce marketers can’t answer this question. Not only because CLV is a neglected or often overlooked metric, but also because it can be very difficult to calculate – perhaps this is why there are too many CLV formulas out there. 

Regardless of how complicated CLV is as a metric or concept, if only you knew how vital it is to sales, marketing, and ultimately your business growth, you will always keep an eye on how it moves.

In this article written by Simbar Dube from Invesp, where he was kind enough to let me participate so you can learn more about CLV.

🛍️  The business of normalizing taboo topics

From periods and acne to sex toys and toilet plungers, DTC brands are out to disrupt every eyebrow-raising industry under the sun.

And why shouldn’t they?

Consumers have undergone several consumption-based cultural shifts in recent years, which means they are far more outspoken and open to testing unconventional products. Read more here.

Until next week, stay growing 🙂