We all know that A/B Testing is one of the most used conversion rate optimization tool, but do we know how much is too much? A/B Testing is a great tool for those who understand that in online marketing you cannot have the right answer without proper analysis and testing. Testing the changes you want to make to a website is a great way to save money and time.

Before talking about the frequency of A/B Testing, it is important to remind you that the interest in A/B Testing has significantly increased in the last years: the use of testing has boosted from 27% to 38%! Impressive, right?

In ecommerce it is crucial to continuously test. Why? For the sole purpose of keeping up with the market’s trend the needs of your customers. Throughout testing, you will design the best version of your website at one point. In time, the idea of “best version” might change and you will have to test again.

Companies that use A/B Testing as an optimization tool, will see the benefits on a long term. Consider A/B Testing as a profitable long term investment. Sometimes, the positive results might come even faster than you think. For instance, have a look at these positive results in A/B Testing experiments, for a 1 month duration, for companies that use Omniconvert:

  • 44,97% increase in Conversion Rate for TinaR
  • 1,14% increase in Conversion Rate for Ecco Shoes
  • 60,4% increase in Conversion Rate for Covera

Check out the following infographic and find out how much is too much when it comes to A/B Testing:


A/B Testing

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