The total number of digital buyers in 2021 is around 2.14 billion. That forms about a quarter of the entire population of the world. When one in every four people on the planet is using online shopping platforms, you have to make sure your business has a robust online presence. 

The number of online shoppers is only going to increase in the future. Understanding online consumer behavior and appealing to your target audience should become a crucial part of your sales and marketing strategies. This calls for an awareness of all kinds of digital features available and keeping your eCommerce business up to date with top-notch eCommerce integrations into your core business operations. 


All eCommerce businesses have to digitize their business processes and use different eCommerce integrations to improve customer experience. You will have to continuously innovate and find better ways to connect with your audience. 

Let us introduce you to product review systems – a sophisticated eCommerce solution that will help you better understand your target audience. Product review systems allow you to gather valuable insights into your product reception, consumer experiences, needs, and expectations. It lets you take a right actionable course and devise winning sales and marketing strategies. 

What Will You Learn 

Nowadays, everyone who can buy a product can leave their comments and reviews of the product for everyone else to see online. 

Word of mouth has completely turned digital, and anyone with a decent internet connection can talk about your product, and there are chances it can go viral. So now every review counts. Monitoring your online reviews is as important as your daily business priorities. 

Here are some stats that can help you understand the criticality of product reviews and the customer experience in a digital era. 

  • About 75% of all reviews posted on review websites are positive. Hence it is a better idea to get more people to talk about your product and encourage them to leave reviews to generate better brand awareness. 
  • About 95% of negative reviews would revert to positive if the issue mentioned in the review was resolved quickly and efficiently. The way you handle a problem is essential. If you were to ignore a negative review, it stays negative. But if you were to respond to the customer with a proper solution on time, the customer will be happy to report their pleasant experience and let you regain the goodwill. In a way, negative reviews help you understand any current issues and sort them out at the earliest. 
  • About 71% of people purchasing online believe that consumer reviews give them the confidence to purchase. 
  • About 63% of people are more likely to buy a product if it has a good rating and reviews. 
  • Good customer reviews contribute to about a 74% increase in sales

As you can see, the stats clearly show that reviews significantly impact your sales and ability to generate new customers. People are more likely to buy a product that has been tested by other buyers before. A product without any reviews has a lesser chance of getting sold than a product with average reviews. Just having a product review system increases the chances of a visitor completing a purchase. 

Product Review System 

Having an integrated product review system on your website is a must for every eCommerce business. Your customers can find different feedback on your products on other marketing platforms, but your website should be the number one place where your clients can find all the information they need. Moreover, having an integrated review system can positively impact your website’s ranking and conversion rate. Learn more about the benefits you can get.


Increase Completed Purchases 

An excellent example of an eCommerce company that made fair use of its review system is Amazon. At one point, Amazon reported that about 35% of all their purchases resulted from their recommendation engine. Product reviews help you build better suggestions and product recommendations to your new buyers and increase your sales. 

They also give you the insights required to offer personalized customer experiences resulting in better customer retention.

You can enhance your overall eCommerce analytics and gain accurate modeling of an ideal customer, thus optimizing your marketing and price management strategies. 

Improve Your Google Ranking 

Product reviews have an invariable impact on your SEO rankings., The more your product, your brand name gets mentioned in user-generated reviews and content, the more visibility you gain. A Moz study has reported that customer reviews could have a 21% more impact on your local Google rankings than most other factors. 

Build Trust In Your Brand 

Product reviews and the way you handle them help you build a better brand image. Some businesses commit the mistake of deleting all negative reviews or shutting down their review systems in fear of negative reviews. But negative reviews, too, can help build trust if you handle them responsibly. Research says that 68% of customers would want to look at both positive and negative reviews to make a confident purchase.

There are also some tips on how to manage your review system to make it even more efficient:

Custom Product Type Fields

Allowing for detailed information on product reviews like fit, size, color, material, and so on can give a better picture of the product’s quality or any perceived issues. 

Expert And Qualified Reviewers

As competition increases, chances are some companies might use fake reviews as a way to generate traffic. But customers can quickly spot reviews that are not genuine. Having verified buyers make honest reviews on products is the best way to build trust with your customers. 

Negative Reviews Are Not All Bad

About 82% of shoppers look for negative reviews when buying a product to know of all worst-case scenarios if they were to make the purchase. All good reviews with no negative points will only raise suspicions, and hence it is wise not to delete your negative reviews and rather find proper ways to address the issues raised. 

Answers To Popular Product Questions

If your product reviews can explain the commonly asked questions about using your product or finer details of the product, it will add more value. 

User-Generated Content 

Photos and videos of the user actually using the product can make new buyers better understand how the product looks and feels. 

Ways You Can Encourage Your Customers To Write Reviews

  • Send post-purchase follow-up emails asking your buyers and subscribers to leave a product review. 
  • Offer some incentives to motivate your buyers to write reviews on your products. For instance, you can run voucher contests, free shipping, and discounts, and so on to encourage your buyers to leave a review on your product. 
  • Make use of customized review forms that include product category details and other relevant fields to make reviews more detailed and specific. Also, ensure your review forms are optimized for mobile viewing and are responsive to all types of screen sizes. 
  • Allow your happy customers to review multiple purchases at once. Individual follow-ups can be difficult and inconvenient for the user. 
  • Run product sampling programs where you can reach out to genuine buyers online and get authentic customer feedback on your products and services. 
  • You can also run social media contests and campaigns encouraging buyers to use your products and share their feedback through their social media handles. Do provide the hashtags and social media tagging to be used to create a buzz around your product. 
  • Use trusted review platforms, gather information from review sites, and consolidate them to understand your overall product trust score better. 
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As you can see, managing your customers’ reviews is a vital part of your eCommerce success. And that’s where a product review system helps you out. In addition to helping you understand your customers well, such an approach also provides critical insights into what is working and what is not. Product reviews help other customers looking for the same product make educated decisions. That improves their experience, and as a result, increasing sales.

As essential it is to integrate a product review system into your eCommerce store, it is equally critical to ensure that you do it right. The process of setting up a product review system and integrating all the data collected for better insights may all seem complicated, but there is always help available. You can hire software developers to help you set up your eCommerce integrations efficiently and get them working for your continued growth and success. With an integrated product review system, you can add various customized functions and get all needed analytics of your customers’ reviews.

Additionally, to ensure that your product review program is a success, it is essential to encourage your customers to leave feedback. Think of incentives, product sampling programs, social media contests, and so on. What’s more, you can also integrate this user-generated content into your marketing campaigns to drive better results. So, keep innovating and include digital solutions to boost your eCommerce.

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