Privacy & Security

General information

Even though we have a complete segmentation system for Omniconvert, we chose not to keep the information on our servers. This provides the necessary data protection for this kind of service.

Collected data

Omniconvert helps you personalize on-site experiences. In order to do this it has to collect some information from your visitors. You should know that Omniconvert uses “first part” cookies. This means that in your visitor’s browser a text file - “cookie” will be installed; A file named 'cookie', with a unique ID, will be generated in your visitor's browser. This file can be downloaded or viewed only by the website's owner or by the visitor (some websites may contain vulnerabilities, thus allowing the cookie to be seen by third parties). A cookie will collect data concerning the browser's history on a particular website (the date of the first visit on site, how many pages were viewed in a session, which is the source of the visit etc.). So a cookie will reveal information about the browser, but it won't register data from a visitor (email address or other personal details).

The visitor's IP address is only used to provide geo-location information, when an experiment requires it.

Omniconvert enables you to send any other information you need for web personalisation to our servers. We have no control on what kind of information you send us (name, email, gender). We do not recommend sending us information such as passwords, credit card numbers or any other sensitive data.

Who owns the collected data?

The collected information stored on our servers belongs to the owner of the Omniconvert account, and may be deleted within 48h.

How is the collected information used?

Collected data is only used by the account owner for experiments. For business analysis purposes, Omniconvert uses aggregated numbers in real time, with no real connection to a specific visitor.

Sharing collected data

The collected information stored on our servers will not be shared in any way, unless a power law compels us to.

Payment Security System

The payment system works through Avangate, a renowned company on the market, that has all necessary approvals for such activities. Omniconvert does not have access to credit card information. Read more about the Avangate security here.