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5 Ways to Create Content that Will Attract Backlinks in 2020

Link building is one of the most important elements of an advanced SEO strategy. It’s also one of the more difficult challenges that website owners have to overcome. When you first learn how to start a new blog, there are countless ways to build your quality backlink portfolio, but they require a sound strategy. You have to pick out the right type of content to publish for a maximum number of high-quality backlinks. Here are some examples that are projected to be very effective in 2020.

Guest blog posting

A big part of building a healthy backlink portfolio is getting your content out there. It’s important that your blog posts reach the largest possible audience so that you’ll be able to naturally attract your target demographic in larger numbers. While the reach of your own blog might be extensive enough to provide results, having an extra boost to your reach could come in handy.

Guest blogging can allow you to branch out with your content without having to boost your own blog’s viewership. The principle behind guest posting benefits both the target blog and your business. They get free posts which will increase the overall quality and diversity of their blog, while you build backlinks from the popularity of your guest post. It’s a win-win situation.

A successful guest posting strategy requires that you get your posts on high-authority websites. Come into contact with blog owners and make post suggestions that match their blog’s needs. If you come up with particularly interesting ideas for your guest post, it would be a waste to use them for your own website, when the guest post would drive more traffic and backlinks. Build professional relationships with influencers and their blogs and you might be invited to provide further content for them, giving you the opportunity to attract the most backlinks.

Comprehensive guides

Guides have always been a very useful tool for educating viewers and generating backlinks. Website visitors will jump at the opportunity to share a guide that has helped them overcome a challenging task or even if it simply educated them on a topic. Because of this, many websites create guides for the most varied of things that they think would interest viewers.

Guides that cover the basics of any given challenge or task might not be enough to generate a worthwhile number of backlinks. Nowadays, you need to provide extensive and professional knowledge to your guides so that they may become useful resources for viewers. 

Many Australian websites are creating very comprehensive guides that cover absolutely every aspect of a topic. Whether it’s about how you clean a part of your home or lead to higher conversions for your website, it has to be detailed. To create a professional guide, you need to consult those who are experts in the field. Come into contact with an expert or two before you start writing a guide and ask for pointers. Publish original research and adding depth to the guide is absolutely essential if you want something that will be shared all over the internet.

Informative infographics

When conveying information to your viewers, you want to make sure that they remain engaged and interested as long as possible. This can only be done so well with text-based content creation, which is why many marketers are introducing novel types of content to their marketing strategies. Visual content is among the most interesting up-and-coming types that content marketers are trying out.

Part of the reason that visual content is gaining ground is that it’s better at retaining information and conveying messages compared to simple text. Take infographics for example. They’re considered a very effective way to convey information, and studies show that an infographic will perform nearly thrice as well as a text-based post in terms of educating a viewer. 

More importantly, infographics generate more types of backlinks than your average blog post. This can be attributed to the fact that infographics are very shareable. They’re intuitive and easy to read, giving viewers a reason to share them with like-minded individuals. Properly designed, infographics can be made to be very marketable tools for your backlink campaign.

Professional roundup articles

Creating resources with the help of experts is a tried and tested method for backlink generation. You want to have a professional weighing in when you decide to publish a helpful article. However, why stop at just one? There’s an increasing trend among Australian blogs of combining several different resources that you’ve created into one diverse educational platform. 

You should aim to interview multiple guest experts and create a series of roundup posts. It helps to have multiple industry experts contribute to a topic, as it will signal to viewers that they are reading a diverse resource full of useful information.

To create the ideal roundup post, you need to add some flair to it. It can’t just look like any ordinary blog post; it should have a theme that it sticks to. Create an attractive presentation and include photographs of the experts and their quotes to really emphasize the educational component. Since this is a very demanding and complex roundup, it would help to make it look perfect. Consult experts in graphic design from Sydney to help build the ideal page for your roundup. With an attractive design and strong resources, hardly anyone will resist linking it to other websites.

Conducting surveys

Surveys are considered one of the more effective types of content for creating backlinks. The secret behind surveys is that they increase viewer engagement significantly more compared to other forms of content. They keep the viewer occupied and answering questions and they are entertaining enough to share with friends and family.

Another great benefit of surveys is that they provide you with a bunch of interesting data that can be very helpful if utilized right. With this data, you can publish quality content with the help of statistical analysis of the survey themselves. It might even be useful to apply this information for the implementation of dynamic content. With the right data gathered from website visits and surveys, you can mold the user’s website experience and keep them interested in your content.


There’s no such thing as the “perfect” kind of content for backlink building, but there are a few types that are particularly effective. A good marketing strategy will incorporate several content types to maximize its effectiveness. Consider the above examples for your digital marketing strategy and you’ll find that you’ll be able to significantly boost your backlink generation.

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