Marketers can learn a lot by looking at online shopping trends in 2023. From what consumers expect of brands, to what a customer journey looks like.

In this article, we’ll fill you in on some of the most current trends, and importantly, how your brand can take advantage.

Consumers want value

Gone are the days when you could latch onto a growing market and sell your product for a quick buck. With so much choice for products and services, consumers are value-savvy. They know how to compare products for quality and pricing.

What to do about it

Today’s eCommerce market is oversaturated with goods and services, so the only way to stand out is by delivering value. By offering quality at a competitive price, consumers will choose your brand time and time again.

Consumers prefer brands they can trust

Across the globe, people of all walks of life face economic downturns, housing market crashes, food recalls and environmental disasters. Research by Edelman shows that a major consideration for consumers is whether they can trust a brand is doing what’s “right”. Online shopping habits in 2023 show that consumers also prefer genuine and authentic brands.

What to do about it

Show consumers that you are doing your part for the world and for the environment. You might switch to recycled and fair-trade materials, or devote a section of your site to your company values.

Another way to get online consumer buying trust on your side is through transparency. Be open about your buying process, offer online customer the option to unsubscribe, and always include your privacy policy on all forms.

Consumer still use word of mouth

We’ve already seen how savvy consumers expect value, trust, and transparency from brands. But let’s face it, they don’t always get what they want. Consumers are bombarded with glib advertising, disingenuous reviews, and products that don’t live up to their promises.

But consumers behaviors continue to get around this through good old-fashioned word of mouth advertising. While consumers trust recommendations from family and friends most, consumers readily trust recommendations from acquaintances and influencers.

What to do about it

A great way to exploit word of mouth advertising is to be an influencer on your side. Influencers have an area of specialty and a following who trust their recommendations. They give solid believable reviews, with legit reasons why people should love your offering.

Consumers browse on social media

According to research by HubSpot, younger generations still use social media for brand discovery. Here, “younger generations” include Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen Xs.

What to do about it

Take advantage of the power of social media for brand discovery. While social media is not necessarily the best tool for making direct sales, it’s the holy grail for brand awareness.

When using Facebook marketing get better bang for your buck by moving from paid advertising to user-generated strategies. Make sure you’re using the Facebook Attribution tool to better understand how your Facebook marketing can deliver sales leads.

Young consumers love TikTok

The latest social media sensations for the youngest generation has exploded in popularity in recent years, and its influence is growing in 2023. Tiktok is a great opportunity for marketers targeting teens and young adults.

What to do about it

Take advantage of TikTok advertising, or launch a user-generated content campaign to promote your product.

Consumers go online to go offline

According to Think with Google, 47% of all purchases are completed online. The research also reveals that 90% of shoppers who visited an online store, used online search prior to their visit.

These statistics on online shopping behavior vs in-store shopping behavior show us if users aren’t buying online, they’re going online before buying in store!

What to do about it

Develop searchable product listings, whether on your own site or on other platforms such as Amazon. Title your product images correctly to boost SEO, and ensure your store’s address and opening hours are readily available online.

shopping behaviour

Consumers want round-the-clock availability

Consumers in 2023 are wiser, but they’re also less patient. They’ve come to expect instant gratification, access to information and round-the-clock support.

What to do about it

One simple way to ensure online customer can get what they want from you at any time of day is through messengers and chatbots.

Whether you have a real person manning your messenger, or use a chatbot after hours, users can quickly type their queries and get instant answers. This helps them feel your brand is caring and attentive to their needs, which builds brand loyalty and trust.

Online shopping trends for 2023

The latest consumer buying trends show that shoppers expect more from brands than ever before. Online consumers behavior is oriented for brands they can trust, and brands that offer value.

Meanwhile, social media and Facebook digital marketing are still important parts of the customer journey, as are recommendations from friends, family, and acquaintances.