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$ / month

This is the number of views that you can test each month on your website.It's up to you how you choose to use them, either by allocating all the views to one test or to multiple test, either on one page or on multiple pages. If you have selected the 10.000 tested views plan and you run an experiment on your category page which is viewed 7000 times per month, then at the end of the month 7000 is what you'll be counted as tested views quota.

* 30 days
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Empowering companies to grow their business with the next generation CRO tools.

what's included

  • Multiple Websites
  • 5 Subaccounts
  • Professional Support (4h response time)
  • Exit-Intent with NO branding
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Mobile Website Testing
  • 30 min 1-on-1 Onboarding


Optimization Plan



This is the number of views that you can test each month on your website.It's up to you how you choose to use them, either by allocating all the views to one test or to multiple test, either on one page or on multiple pages. If you have selected the 10.000 tested views plan and you run an experiment on your category page which is viewed 7000 times per month, then at the end of the month 7000 is what you'll be counted as tested views quota.

For really determined companies,aware that conversion is a top priority.

platform features plus

  • Unlimited Websites & Subaccounts
  • Dedicated Optimization Team
  • Optimization Strategy
  • Implementation & Support
  • Advanced Reporting
  • 2h Onboarding Training for your Team
  • API Access

5 Min Installation

World Class Data Security

Premium Support

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What you get

Set your own goals

Super-easy! You can use point and track clicks, a specific URL or an event-based option.

Statistical relevance calculator

In order to validate any A/B Test you first want to make sure that it has a statistical relevance of at least 95%. We calculate it automatically for you in the reporting area.


You decide when to test. Plan around your choice of specific days and hours.

Weather condition

Weather is affecting our mood and behavior. Adjust your website differently for the visitors that are visiting when it rains/snows, or when the temperature is above/under X degrees.


It allows you to address visitors from a certain city, region or country. It comes in very handy when you want to display localized testimonials for example.

Custom combinations using AND/OR operators

Want to target people that are on their mobile phone AND while it’s raining OR snowing outside AND that have previously made a purchase? Yes you can.

Frequency capping

Choose how often your visitors see the survey invitation: once per day/week/lifetime, at every page load or anywhere in between.

Lead capture forms

After visitors filled in the survey, ask for their contact info with our optional lead collecting feature.

Dynamic content

Change part of your web copy to include data you know about the visitor: location, weather, cookie information, etc.

Stacked tests

Any winning variation of an A/B test can become the control for your future test, without actual implementation. This feature greatly speeds up your optimization process.

Creative library

Use our overlayer templates in order to start your personalisation campaigns fast, with no need for design help.

Split testing

With split testing, you can test two different URLs against each other, instead of testing changes of the same page.

+150 more features

Happy users

Page views


Our users' opinion:

Using Omniconvert we were able to show personalized messages based on the user's profile, location and time of the day. We also ran different types of A/B tests, in order to test hypotheses about selling and buying moments.

Razvan Acsente pic
Razvan Acsente Europe CLM Group Expert Lead at OLX

Omniconvert is a great solution for those new to testing and personalization, and it has the advanced features to grow as the team becomes more sophisticated

Brian Massey pic
Brian Massey CEO at Conversion Sciences

What I like best is that this product does more than just A/B test. Qualitative data is crucial, and the tool helps you gather this vital information. I also like the personalization aspect of the technology.

Justin Rondeau pic
Justin Rondeau Director of Optimization at Digital Marketer

Frequently asked questions

This is a shortlist of the most common questions we get from our users.

How do you define "tested views"?

A tested view is any visitor that is included in any experiment (A/B Testing, Personalization or Survey) and that you can see in the reporting area. For example, if you have an A/B Test where 500 visitors see the control page and 500 see the variation page, then you will consume 1,000 tested views in total.

I am a marketing person, not a technical guy. Can I handle Omniconvert on my own?

Being marketing experts before anything else, we made every feature as simple as possible to implement by non-technical people. So, if you can copy and paste, you should be qualified enough to start using Omniconvert.

What happens if I exceed my monthly visitors quota?

Actually, that's good news, and it means that you have converted a lot already! Technically, the system notifies you by e-mail and pauses all running experiments until your next billing cycle starts or until you decide to upgrade your account.

How do I install Omniconvert on my website?

We provide you an initial script (a very simple piece of code) to be installed on your website. Additionally, to protect you from the dark side of coding, we have developed a wide range of plug-ins for multiple open source platforms (Wordpress, Joomla, Magento etc.)

What would happen if I decided to cancel my subscription?

Most likely, if you decide to cancel, this would either be an absurd move or related to the fact that you'd have converted enough, you have too much money already or you simply want to retire. We have a lot of respect for senior citizens and believe they deserve the best - and are big fans of the absurd (we own a massive collection of Monty Python sketches). With this in mind, we have programmed the system to fully reflect our beliefs. Meaning you can cancel at any time, with your subscription continuing until the end of the billing cycle you have initially chosen.

Can Omniconvert be used for any type of website?

Omniconvert works for almost any kind of self-hosted website: custom coded, CMS platforms (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc), eCommerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce etc.). The only requirement is that you have access to the source code in order to paste in the Omniconvert code.

Can the Omniconvert code be installed using Google Tag Manager?

You can install our code using the GTM. However, you should know that this approach will slow down the deployment of our code, which can cause issues with some of your experiments such as screen flickering before A/B tests and delayed triggering for banner popups.

Does the Omniconvert code slow down my website?

As any code that you install on your website, Omniconvert needs some time to load, but we have worked hard to make it as fast as possible. Right now it takes about ~100 ms for the Omniconvert code to load, which is practically unnoticeable. And since the code is cacheable, it will load only at the first visit.

Is there a limit to the number of experiments I can run at any given time?

The short answer is NO. The long answer is that if you have multiple experiments running, you should pay attention at the segmentation and traffic allocation in order for your experiments not to overlap and influence each others results.

Can Omniconvert have a negative impact in terms of SEO?

To implement changes on any page, Omniconvert uses javascript that's not readable by googlebot.Therefore, Google will always see the original page, which means that your SEO results will not be influenced by Omniconvert. If you find it hard to believe us, then here’s what Matt Cutts has to say about it “I've been quite clear that there's nothing wrong with A/B testing. In fact, less than a month ago I tweeted that ‘A/B testing can be really helpful’ and included a link to best practices.”

Are all websites welcome to use Omniconvert?

Not really, we reserve our right to suspend any account that is linked to websites that have gambling, politics or adult content.

Do you offer a special deal for NGOs?

Yes, we do! Please check our NGO page for more details.

On top of everything, our team of 50+ passionate conversion rate optimization experts is here to help your business grow.

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