The secret of custom communication with each user lies in the power of traffic segmentation

More than 40 different segmentation criteria

Businesses base their profitability on a limited number of segments. Unlike other technology tools, Omniconvert gives you a larger set of variables to create segments and target optimized experiences to them.


Address visitors from a certain city, region or country with custom messages and transform your website into a familiar place for them. Likewise, you can make use of the weather conditions and temperature at the visitor location.


Segment users according to whether they have previously made a conversion on your website or not. You can even create a segment with a specific amount of conversions according to your choosing. Moreover, you can also include the average conversion amount (AOV) and total revenue of the client.


This feature allows you to segment visitors according to their actions on your websites: first time or returning visitor, number of pages visited, number of days since their last/first visit, the landing page in the current session etc.

UTM parameters

This comes in very handy when you want to create custom messages according to the campaigns you're running. This way, you'll be able to fine tune your message from the campaign banners with the one on the landing page. More message relevancy means a higher conversion rate.

Custom segmentation

If you require some special segment that not inbuilt, then you have the option to send us cookie information about your visitors and then create your own segments using any type of attributes such as if the user is logged in or according their gender. You can also segment according to various layers from Google Tag Manager, or according to some specific HTML code present on the page.

Traffic Source

Segmentation according to the traffic source is very useful when running tests only for the visitors that come from a certain channel. Some of the most popular segmentations in this case are social media traffic (including Facebook and Twitter), organic traffic (Google) and custom traffic referral sources.


Technology segmentation allows you to create specific segments according to things such as the visitor's browser, operating system, IP address, screen resolution etc. You might want to communicate differently with users that are on Mac and have Chrome installed, then with those that run Linux on their machine and user Firefox for browsing.

  • Geolocation
  • Conversions
  • Behaviour
  • UTM Params
  • Custom
  • Traffic Source
  • Technology

Custom combinations using AND/OR operators

Creating segments in Omniconvert is as easy as creating them in Google Analytics. Use AND and OR operators to mix and match segments in order to drill down to the exact group of visitors that are suited for your testing.

Weather condition

Some of the most interesting conversations start by talking about the weather. It's the perfect icebreaker that can open many doors further down the road. Make use of it intelligently.

"We're doing much better at understanding our market and segmenting our customer base. This has allowed us to further target communications and really interact with customers in a way that we couldn't before."
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