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How eCommerce websites can derive SEO benefits during COVID-19 Pandemic

Taking your business online and creating an e-commerce website is not the same thing. Websites create an online identity for businesses and become its virtual address, but the business transactions take place beyond the website. Consumers can use the website to gather information about the products and services and take pre-purchasing decisions but carry out the commercial transaction at some other place in a physical manner. For e-commerce websites, the website becomes the marketplace, and consumers can carry out commercial transactions like buying and selling on the platform itself. Regardless of the purpose of the website, implementing SEO is a must because it is the only way to gain high visibility and acquiring new customers, which is critical for business. 

How search engine optimization impacts e-commerce websites and the way of implementing SEO for e-commerce will become clear on going through this article.

Brand awareness and engagement

Even the best websites in the world implement SEO because it is the most economical way to create brand awareness and engagement.  When you take the business online, it gives the opportunity to closely explore the brand and interact with it that leads to building a relationship with the brand. They can evaluate the brand, write reviews, and provide feedback, which helps businesses to make improvements for providing a better customer experience. The interaction generates a feeling of involvement and gives your customers the opportunity to contribute to the brand. As they get closer to the brand, they start trusting it more and more and eventually turn into brand ambassadors by promoting your products among friends and family by sharing.

As the word about the brand keeps spreading through higher customer engagement, it sends positive signals to search engines that count upon your business as a reliable and trustworthy entity that enjoys the higher authority.

Web traffic

As SEO improves ranking, it increases the visibility of websites to search engines, and more people take an interest in it that results in the generation of organic traffic that reaches the website. Since SEO uses keywords that are relevant to users, the traffic that emanates from it is also relevant, which increases the leads and conversions that ultimately boost sales?  Visitors to e-commerce websites come prepared to make purchases because they have already done their homework and made up their minds about buying a product.  Taking the business to the doorsteps of consumers is the greatest benefit of doing website SEO strategies for e-commerce sites.

Having understood the impact of SEO on online business, we will now look at some essential technical SEO strategies that are most effective for e-commerce business.

Keyword research

The internet is an overcrowded space, and it is very challenging for businesses to ensure that people find it quickly online.  To reach your targeted customers, you must depend on keywords, especially the ones they frequently use to reach your website for which you must prepare a list of targeted keywords. This is fundamental for technical SEO, no matter how you want to use it. Good SEO begins by making a list of long-tail keyword terms along with head terms and creating high-quality long-form content around it.  Head term keywords are short keywords not exceeding 26 characters, which searchers use most frequently. These keywords can drive a large amount of traffic, but the chances of conversions might not be high. Long term keywords ranging between 26-40 characters are more specific head terms that have higher chances of conversion.

Site architecture

Site architecture is critical for e-commerce websites because e-commerce websites are very large and run in hundreds of pages. The site architecture allows you to determine how the user travels through the website. The journey must be smooth and intuitive so that it is easy for users to identify the key pages and understand the key relationship between them. User flow experience influences overall user experience, and creating a poor user flow experience can negatively impact SEO, which is why mapping of the site architecture is so important. To define the best site structure, SEO experts follow the rule of thumb that stipulates that users should be able to go back to the home page in just three clicks.

COVID-19 is as of now affecting purchaser conduct 

On the web, the world is changing similarly as quickly as disconnected. Toward the beginning of March 2020 The Drum wrote about research that shows that, while yearly promoting development rates in China are anticipated to tumble from 7% development in 2020 to 3.9%, internet business publicizing spend is anticipated to develop by 17.7% and web-based social media networking spending to ascend by 22.2%. 

This appears to mirror the adjustments in customer conduct as they change from purchasing disconnected to purchasing on the web. They likewise show that as individuals are investing more energy at home, brands have reacted by moving to spend from disconnected media to on the web, with 14% announcing this strategy. 

In a similar bit of research, they proceed to express that “online business as a stage has just observed exponential development, particularly in FMCG which saw spending through web-based business diverts in China develop right around multiple times as quick as the segment in general in 2019; a pattern that the coronavirus episode is probably going to quicken.” 

A similar picture is painted in an exploration distributed by Business Insider Intelligence and eMarketer investigators in March 2020, which recommends that online business is probably going to develop as customers dodge physical stores. Their information recommends that 74.6% of US web clients said they’d probably abstain from strip malls and shopping centers if the coronavirus flare-up in the nation intensifies, and over half would maintain a strategic distance from shops when all is said in done. 

Another investigation from Ipsos MORI from mid-March 2020 uncovers that half of Chinese and 31% of Italian purchasers state they’re presently utilizing internet business ‘all the more as often as possible’. Conversely, just 18% of UK respondents said that they were utilizing the web stores all the more as often as possible, with nearly half detailing there was ‘no adjustment’ in their online business propensities. Nonetheless, since the UK is in lockdown these measurements are probably going to change significantly, most likely drifting towards the figures seen in different nations with further developed COVID-19 issues. 

While the kinds of products individuals need may change because of their conditions, the need to buy this someplace will remain, and we will probably observe a general change to internet shopping.

Internet business challenges 

In principle, online stores of all sizes remain to profit by the switch of shopper conduct to internet shopping since they are as of now all around situated to serve the expanding interest for merchandise and ventures. 

Notwithstanding, there are difficulties. Internet business is definitely not an enchantment projectile in itself, and Morningstar refers to issues with appropriation (particularly among lower-salary customers) as a housing impact against any elevation in deals. There are additional issues with the store network and item conveyance, with organizations previously beginning to be shrewd about settling them through development. 

Maybe a much more constraining element for organizations will be the degree of availability of their e-commerce offering. On the off chance that their online stage isn’t fit for offering a serious client experience, the odds are it will neglect to lure, intrigue, or hold clients. 

Guaranteeing that your e-commerce website or application is improved and prepared will be basic in the achievement of your web-based contribution, and how serious you can be in an undeniably serious scene. Fortune expresses that: 

“Retailers with great locales will lose the least” 

Those are entirely obvious admonitions, and unmistakably organizations need to guarantee that their destinations are something other than great. They have to convey the most ideal online business experience. To begin with, they should be discoverable by means of web crawlers at the time their clients wish to make a buy, and once clients are on the website the online business stage must be responsive and meet or surpass client desires.

Improving your e-commerce offering to stay serious 

As the Coronavirus emergency keeps on hunkering down on the total populace, and as their conduct adjusts, organizations with a solid e-commerce offering can guarantee that they are there when purchasers need them. 

Nike, for instance, has figured out how to increment computerized deals by 30% because of their wellness and online business applications being especially very much coordinated. 

As purchasers conduct changes and results in an ever-increasing number of clients shopping on the web, so too will the commercial center change to turn out to be perpetually serious as organizations look to exploit this pattern. On the off chance that your site isn’t found in web indexes for significant ventures, or your website’s responsiveness falls behind your rivals, your capacity to contend will be seriously lessened. In the present intense monetary atmosphere, this is what might be compared to focusing on salt and injury. 

This suggests, instead of halting promoting exercises, for example, Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and Paid Social, Paid Search and so on., organizations could be best served by putting into (if not doing so as of now), or putting all the more intensely into these kinds of exercises. While every business is unique and will confront its own difficulties, putting resources into these territories may really assist organizations with flourishing in a serious space, and help balance the monetary effect of the loss of disconnected deals. Speculation here will absolutely forestall the loss of an online piece of the overall industry and will help position marks in anticipation of the expansion sought after that will clearly come once this emergency subsides. 

We as of late distributed a few hints on How to guard your computerized procedure against the impact of COVID19, which proposes some underlying advances organizations could take to survey their present contribution and help protect their business in these pained occasions. 

While it may be reasonable to remain put resources into web-based showcasing exercises, for example, SEO and Paid Media to advance your image during this emergency, all things considered, the particular strategies utilized will change. 

Both SEO and Paid Media may need to change the focal point of battles because of changes popular, and center around various arrangements of catchphrases dependent on new shopper search practices. For instance, we have seen that Fashion brands are endeavoring to rotate to loungewear things, given that the vast majority of the populace is stuck at home. 

In Paid Media, offer procedures will likely be adjusted (we have some particular tips about this on our blog here), and SEO may discover new open doors for new kinds of substance and changes to on-page advancement. 

Article content is typically observed as a brisk success since it ordinarily requires minimal specialized info and can, accordingly, be created and executed quickly. The key is in understanding your client’s expectation and giving substance that addresses or surpasses their issues. We have seen some web-based business organizations are endeavoring to turn their substance showcasing to catch clients who, as of the start of lockdown, are at home with unmistakably more opportunity to surf the web. 

This gives us that organizations ought to most likely play out a profound jump into their Analytics and truly comprehend the present needs of clients since these necessities will in all likelihood have changed as of late. Have internet business locales stayed aware of these changes? 

In this new world, as clients are investing significantly more energy shopping on the web, even little changes to a website’s client experience and page load times will probably have a lot greater effect on client maintenance and transformation rates. 

Playing out a cautious examination of how quickly a site’s pages load inside various gadgets will typically uncover chances to improve site speed, a considerable lot of which can be genuinely easy to execute and in this manner speak to brisk successes. 

Keep in mind, page speed is a positioning element in Google nowadays, and there has been a lot of research distributed demonstrating an immediate reverse connection between the speed of a page and the number of transformations. One such investigation by Amazon indicated that an expansion in load times of only one second diminished changes by 7%. This doesn’t seem like a great deal, yet for Amazon around then, 7% spoke to $1.6 Billion in deals! Advancement of page load times is a certifiable chance to improve gauge income. 

In a comparative vein, making locales work better for existing clients by breaking down their ways to transformation, and the resulting improvement of that excursion will permit clients to have a smoother and all the more fulfilling checkout experience. This will more likely than not give inspiration to the income produced by the site, and will presumably create increments in brand proclivity as well.

Final Words

While the world is reeling from the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic, client conduct is being compelled to change and customers are progressively moving on the web. Online business locales are in a situation to have the option to profit by this, yet just on the off chance that they can be found by clients in any case. 

While strategies may be adjusted to the new condition we end up in, organizations ought to consider holding an interest in their investigation, web-based promoting and online substance with the goal that they can stay serious and address the issues of customers. 

In these dubious occasions, there are still chances; it just takes a somewhat extraordinary mentality and approach, and an inspirational demeanor. 

In the event that you believe you need assistance in understanding the effect of COVID-19 on your business, we have groups of masters who can support you. On the off chance that you have any inquiries or might want to talk with us about how we could help, kindly connect.

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