Role of Text Message Marketing Building Consumer Loyalty
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The Role of Text Message Marketing in Building Consumer Loyalty

Text messaging has already become one of the most prominent and even predominant means of communication. The majority of the population that exists both in metropolises and smaller towns uses text messaging for a fast, snappy, and easy communication with each other. Knowing this, many brands can benefit if they choose to communicate with their customers via text messages, and build lasting relationships through their proper mobile marketing and loyalty programs.

Text Messaging is Statistically More Advantageous

Studies indicate that text messages have a 45% response rate, whereas Emails have only 6%. Emails can no longer be considered as an effective method of keeping in touch with your consumers. Statistics also show that 30% of consumers interact with brands via text messages, and 95 to 98% of consumers read their texts almost immediately after they receive it. If your target demographic consists of Millennials or Gen Z, you will have a much easier time reaching them via text messages.

Benefits of Text Messages

If your brand is willing to create a loyal customer base, and have a positive relationship with them, all of the messages sent to the consumers have to be personalized and beneficiary for them. Text message marketing gives you the option of personalizing every single message to fit the needs of every consumer. Personalized messages can make your consumers more appreciative of your brand, as it will make them feel special. Consumers will be continually reminded of your brand’s presence and will be ready to receive special promotions that you send their way. Therefore, SMS marketing and especially text message reminders must be included in your business plan

Text Options for Keeping Your Consumers Engaged

Many text message types can help you engage with your consumers to keep their loyalty. However, below are presented a couple of examples of various text messages that can help you engage your consumers for your various needs.

1.  Hot Promotions

Promotions sent through text messages will have a higher chance of being seen and read, based on the statistics above. Moreover, if promotions are personalized, consumers will have greater interest and engagement.

2.  Touch-based Chats Every Three Months 

When keeping in touch with your consumers, your brand is emphasizing their importance to your business. Consumers will inevitably feel better if they know just how much they mean to their beloved brand.

3.  Recommendations and Upselling for Repeated Purchases

Sending new recommendations for products or services based on the consumers’ previous shopping experiences can be very valuable. This can lead to repeated purchases of goods or services from your brand, as it will be much more convenient and easier for the consumer.

4.  Appointment Reminders

This text message type can work very well for service-oriented businesses such as beauty parlors, dental clinics, etc. The consumers will feel at ease knowing you will shoot them a reminder, and even if they end up forgetting something, they’ll feel much better about your brand when you send them a friendly reminder.

5.  Wishing Your Consumers Happy Birthday

One of the more effective methods of keeping excellent relationships with your consumers would be to congratulate them on their special day. More so, offering them a small gift or a unique promotion will make your consumers even more satisfied.

Consumer Loyalty is Valuable

According to a study conducted by Bain & Company and Earl Sesser of the Harward Business School, a 5% increase in customer retention propels profits by almost 25-95%.

That study indicates that businesses need to focus on existing customers longer, in order to boost profit margins. Relevant marketing strategies need to be conducted, such as calls, targeted social media ads, Emails, podcasts, webinars, and more. This can eventually make your consumers loyal to the brand instead of switching. Still, nothing proves to be as effective as text messaging and building a loyalty program for your consumers through mobile marketing.

Creating a Worthy Loyalty Program

Creating a loyalty program can be very influential for your brand in general. It can be helpful to increase your sales figures with great margins. Note that mobile marketing/messaging is not the only way of maintaining a loyalty program for your brand. However, given the statistics above, mobile messaging will certainly help your brand’s loyalty program gain a following. In a US survey of 3,500 internet users, 48% said they preferred to receive loyalty program messages via SMS. Email was in second place with 22%, followed by app notifications at 20%.

It is also crucial to note that there are a couple of sweet spots that need to be hit to achieve a successful and profitable mobile loyalty program. 

You have to consider giving your consumers an incentive for them to join your loyalty program. The majority of businesses usually offer discounts, which do not always work so well. Moreover, creating an instant reward system, instead of overpromising, will prompt your consumers to sign up without being skeptical about your offerings.

Ultimately Benefiting from Loyalty Programs

Managing to create a network of consumers that gladly follow your loyalty program is already a sign of success. However, you would also need to focus on maintaining that loyalty and making sure that you have an ongoing relationship with your consumers. A couple of examples of maintaining relationships with consumers had already been presented, along with the benefits they can have.

Still, there are even more gains to be had when your loyalty program is successful. Your text messaging services can be integrated with your existing software and online processing system, including your customer database, website, billing, and delivery systems.

With the help of that, you will be able to pull off and group target audiences based on various fields: buying patterns, geography, behavioristic, etc. With this information at hand, your mobile marketing can be tailored to be not only personal for each individual, but it can also be versatile. You will gain the possibility to send personalized text messages to larger groups, reducing the time and cost of that service. This will ultimately bump the response rate you have from your consumers without any additional heavy costs from your brand.

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