Address your visitors with the right message at the right time using the power of website personalization


Flexible message placement

Omniconvert allows you to display custom overlayers on almost any location on the visitors' screen.

You can display an overlay in one of the following positions:

Center Popup


Ribbon Left

Ribbon Top

Top Bar

Ribbon Bottom

Ribbon Right

Bottom Bar


Powerful segmentation engine

Each segment behaves differently. That's why delivering personalized content to each visitor helps you truly speak their language. Use Omniconvert's advanced segmentation to tell the best converting story.

Weather Segmentation
Dynamic text replacement


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Four types of triggers

Want to deliver your message in the strategic moments of a session? Use our four triggers, on-click, on-load, on-scroll and on-exit to create the perfect web personalization experiment on your website.

On Click

The overlay is triggered as the user clicks on a designated HTML element of the webpage

On Load

The overlay is triggered after the page loads, either immediately or after a set amount of time (delayed triggering)

On Scroll

The overlay is triggered when the user scrolls more than a certain percentage of page height (for example after 65% of the page).

On Exit

The overlay is triggered immediately after the user moves the mouse cursor outside the active area of the web browser.

  • On click

  • On load

  • On scroll

  • On exit


Advanced reporting

Check the reporting center to see in real time the uplift generated by your adaptive content. Here you'll get a detailed view of how your conversion rate, bounce rate, revenue, and other KPIs are impacted.

More Features

Frequency capping

Are you worried that users might get annoyed by too many popups? Then limit them to once/day, once/lifetime or any display frequency of your choosing.

Dynamic content

Add dynamic content on your overlayers. For example, the user's location & weather condition or any text already present on the page such as product names.

Custom coding possibilities

Add HTML containers to your banners in order to maximize their functionality. A very common example in this case are embedded lead collecting forms.

Image mapping

It comes in very handy when you have a banner with 3 different buttons that lead to 3 different pages on your website.

A/B test between different creatives

What works best for you: an exit intent pop-up banner or an on-load bottom bar? You can take the guess work out and compare concrete results in order to decide the winner.


You decide when to run your experiments. You can also exclude/include specific days or hours.

Creative library

Use our overlayer templates in order to start your personalisation campaigns fast, with no need for design help.

Lead capture

Include lead capture fields in your overlayers and send the data directly to one of the popular email providers supported by Omniconvert.

How companies used our real-time website personalization tool to increase conversions

Need some inspiration? Learn from these case studies how others successfully used web personalization to improve their conversion rate.

background commas

How surveys and a small redesign lead to 28% increase in conversions for a product category

background commas

An exit personalization increased the revenue by 26% in a two week period

"The web personalization tool helped us drive traffic to our specific page (in our case webinar registration page). We used the web personalization tool to show an exit intent pop-up to drive traffic to our webinar page.This helped us increase the webinar registrations."
Boni Satani
Inbound Marketer at Tatvic

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