content marketing mistakes sabotaging ecommerce sales
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9 content marketing mistakes sabotaging sales

Content marketing is a sustainable way of driving and maintaining high eCommerce sales. Even though businesses of all scopes and industries can benefit from content marketing efforts, many marketers struggle to pull off a successful content marketing campaign. To make the most out of your content marketing strategy, it’s crucial to know what can possibly pull you back. 

Making mistakes, you risk losing everything from your would-be clients to your business investments. That’s why you want to learn about the most common content marketing mistakes in the first place. Not sure where to begin? This article is a great start. We’ve gathered the top nine content marketing mistakes sabotaging sales.

Absence of a content marketing plan

The absence of a content marketing plan is a common content marketing mistake sabotaging sales. If you want your brand to be successful, you have to calculate every step, be it a new product you want to launch or the site content to advertise it. All of your content must be consistent and thoroughly planned to invite your prospects into the sales funnel. Every new piece of content on your website must be a logical extension of the ideas you’ve presented before. 

Developing a content marketing plan will help you keep all of your ideas organized and optimized. Additionally, the content marketing plan will enable you to create and post high-quality content that will help you attract more leads that will later convert into paying customers. 

Create a posting schedule to keep all of your blog posts organized. Evaluate the performance of your content marketing plan and make changes along the way. 

Imposing own opinion to the customer

Oftentimes, the website content can be way too straightforward. Many marketers make a huge mistake of leaving no possibility of a choice to their audience. The customers are literally told what they should do or what they should buy. 

To avoid this mistake, you should always put yourself in the shoes of your website visitors. Would you like anyone to impose their opinion as to what you have to buy? What feelings would it evoke in you? Probably the opposite of what any seller needs. 

Of course, you have to make your potential customer think that your product is everything they need. Yet imposing your opinion is not the best way of influencing your prospects. Rather, you want to highlight the benefits and what’s in it for the prospects. 

Let’s imagine that you’re selling sneakers but you can’t simply say “Buy them. They are the best sneakers you’ll ever have!” However, you can say that your shoes are made to be so comfortable and beautifully looking that the prospect’s workout will be ten times more productive.

In other words, you have to draw a picture of the perfect future for your potential customers, which can only come true if they buy your sneakers. This way, they will never know whether you’ve actually influenced their buying decision or not. 

Not knowing enough about the prospective customers

Treating your potential customers as a crowd, you risk targeting the wrong audience and, as a result, losing their interest. Every piece of content on your website should be addressed to the particular target groups. You should know your targets and make each of them feel as if this article was tailored personally for them. 

Use the statistics of your website visits to learn more about your target audience. Keep track of the conversion rate to identify what works best. Regular data analysis and respect to the interests of your target audience will bring the content marketing magic you’re looking for. 

Creating poor quality content

Placing poor quality content on your website is the definition of sales sabotage. If your readers notice any mistakes or inconsistencies in your texts, chances are they’re not coming back to your website. 

Not paying attention to the quality of your content, you imply that you don’t really care about your potential customers. Besides putting at risk your reputation, bad quality content will drive prospective customers away from making a purchase. 

To avoid making this mistake, make sure all of the content you post is mistake-free, consistent, and caters to the needs of your target audience.

Not using all the advantages of online marketing

Choosing the web as the main platform for advertising and selling products, you have to use every possibility to advocate the benefits of your business to potential clients. Creating an eCommerce website or the main social media pages is not enough to make everyone talk about your products. 

To make the most out of online marketing, make sure to employ all tools available. For example, you can add social media sharing buttons throughout your web pages to allow social sharing. Also, you must use every online channel to advertise your eCommerce website. Make sure your social media followers know how to access and buy your products. 

If your eCommerce website is powered by WordPress, make sure to use the excerpt function to invite more visitors to view and read your content. 

Not monitoring competitors

Not monitoring competitors’ online activity is another common mistake that has the potential to sabotage your sales. Paying attention to the content strategies, failures, and successes of other companies, you can avoid their mistakes and obtain some new valuable experience to employ in your own business. 

Monitor competitors’ content and the reaction of the target audience to it to work out your own digital strategy to high sales. Remember, the biggest content marketing failure of your competitor is your chance to provide better content and drag their target audience.

Not using all the channels of information perception

Every person has their own prevailing perception channels. The task of quality content is to satisfy the needs of people with different channels of data perception. 

The problem of our time is that it has become difficult for some people to visualize the information they get from the text. 

Research proves that people are more predisposed to visual information over text. Use images, infographics, videos, and podcasts to present complex information in a more visually appealing way. 

Ignoring the power of customer testimonials

No matter how well-written your content is, a positive user testimonial can always improve your sales. Why? People are more willing to trust customers who have already purchased over trained salespeople.

Customer feedback is a great tool to promote your content marketing evaluation. It allows you to take a look at your efforts from the customer perspective and identify which elements are missing and which are performing rather well. 

It makes absolute sense that better customer reviews mean better sales. Make sure to facilitate reviews not on your eCommerce website, but also Google Reviews, Facebook, and industry-specific apps like Yelp.

Not attempting to connect with customers

The power of content marketing hides not only in its potential to increase sales but also in the ability to strengthen connections between your brand and your audience. 

If you can’t directly ask them to buy your products, you have to ask them to join your page on social media, you have to ask them to subscribe to your newsletters, you have to ask them to share your content, you have to ask them to join your website as premium users. All these “have to” can stimulate the reader to remember your content, come back and, finally, make a purchase.

Final thoughts 

If you’ve made any of these mistakes in your strategy, don’t worry. There is always room for improvement. Understanding the mistakes that can sabotage your sales is paramount for a successful content marketing strategy. Offering useful and client-oriented content experiences will make you stand out from a crowd of other eCommerce websites. 

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  1. Great that you started with the lack of a proper plan for content activity. Working with many clients from really different industries I feel like too much people nowadays don’t see how well-prepared content can drive sales.

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