Affiliate Marketing Transforming eCommerce during Crisis
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How Affiliate Marketing Can Transform an eCommerce Business during a Crisis Period

Word of mouth has always been a strong weapon in the field of marketing. Whether we are looking for any tech gadget or car mechanic or Chinese food, we want the recommendation from someone who we know has the right idea about it. Affiliate marketing is mostly chosen by the online influencer for product promotion. 

An e-commerce business person won’t be able to ignore the importance of an affiliate marketing strategy. It uses the power of an influencer’s follower base for promoting the products and creating campaigns that can support the affiliate work. 

An Insight on Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing can provide a 100% return on your investment. With affiliate networks, one will pay for the marketing after looking into the sales growth. Affiliate marketing strategy involves affiliate and merchant. The merchant will be your company, and the affiliate will be an individual or company that will promote your brand or product on their network. 

The affiliate will only receive the commission if someone is clicking on the provided link and visiting your eCommerce site to make the purchase. According to statistics, 38% of an online business depends on an affiliate program for customer acquisition. 

Ways to Transform Your E-commerce Business with Affiliate Marketing

  • Sales Team: For entrepreneurs or small businesses, affiliate marketing can be a boon if they have a small sales team. Affiliate marketing will instantly expand the digital marketing team and drive potential traffic towards your site. With quality traffic, you will be able to get more conversions, and more conversions will provide high revenue which will provide an opportunity to grow the e-commerce business. 

According to, the mobile marketing channel is expanding in the speed of light, and it is believed to have 2 billion smartphone users across the world. 

  • Customer Loyalty: Old customers will support your brand 67% of the time in comparison to new potential customers. With affiliate marketing, you will be able to get loyalty from the customers because they trust the knowledge of the chosen affiliate model. 

When an affiliate marketing blogger or a social media influencer or celebrity is signing the contract with your company, they are bringing their fan base with them. 

  • Enhances Credibility: When the affiliate is promoting the product or service your online business can use this promotion and build credibility. One can use text, icons or images for publicizing the places where the brand has been reviewed or used. You can also opt for 360 degree digital marketing to get the initial idea about affiliate marketing. 
  • Brand Ambassador: With affiliate marketing, you will be able to have your brand ambassadors. Influencers will talk about the product which the company deals with and use it in videos or post photos to tell their followers how excellent your brand is. 

Statistically speaking, it has been analyzed that 82% of the followers will follow the influencer’s recommendation. Now the fans or the influencers will become the brand ambassador of the product, and they will try the product or post them, which will help in generating more traffic to your website. 

  • Niche: The primary thing that one needs to realize is their audience, and then decide the marketing elements. For the growth of an e-commerce website, the affiliate program will help to develop the niche and place the products in front of the interested and engaged prospects. 

Before partnering with an affiliate, it is essential to know about them and their audience. By evaluating the affiliate success, one will be able to get an insight into their audience. 

  • Target Audience: With the brand promotion, the company needs to see where its potential audience is in terms of geographical location, income, hobbies etc. With affiliate marketing, you can tailor the target audience and only collaborate with affiliates who can help you to reach your potential audience. 

For example, if your company deals with beauty products, then you need to work with beauty influencers. 

  • Speedy Results: With traditional marketing methods, it will take at least nine months to see visible results. With the help of affiliate marketing, one can see speedy results because influencers or the organization has already earned the online credibility and their emails stocking or retargeting can help to bring the prospect to your business. 

With affiliate marketing, it is effortless to obtain customers, and you can check the online traffic and revenue. One will have to sign up for the eCommerce platform of affiliate marketing and send offers to the affiliates. After accepting your offer, the affiliate will start to promote your product or brand, and the results are very effective in comparison to digital tactics, content marketing or SEO. 

  • Multiple Conversion Paths: With affiliate marketing, one will be able to pick the preferred way to obtain the successful conversion by manually setting the incentives. One can choose email marketing, how-to guide download, product sale or survey form as their conversion. Whenever there is a success of your conversion choice, you can send the incentive to the affiliate. 
  • Content: There will be days when you will have no content that can help in promoting your business or brand. With affiliate marketing, you won’t have to brainstorm about the right content that can help in generating sales because the affiliates will do that for you. 

Whatever they will be posting will get the attention of their audience, and they will leave comments or like on the post and even share them. You can use your influencer’s content as marketing power. It will be more believable that you have an excellent brand when others are telling you about it instead of proclaiming it yourself. 

Affiliate marketing during this corona crisis period

Advertising during the COVID-19 Crisis 

At this moment there is such a great amount out of our control, brands and purchasers are freezing and individuals have vulnerability around the brands they have recently gotten faithful to. They aren’t participating similarly they used to. In any case, what we can control is the means by which we message about the brand and the street we are taking during this time. 

In a perfect world, you and your business are set up with a proactive emergency correspondence plan as of now in your back pocket, which can assist you with exploring through an unexpected emergency. Shockingly, numerous organizations are compelled to be responsive and don’t have these emergency correspondence plans primed and ready. On the off chance that you wind up right now, are a portion of our suggestions on the most proficient method to explore this troublesome circumstance. 

Channel by Channel Protocols 

Is your image presently running a crusade not identified with COVID-19 or is there one descending the pipeline? That should be stopped to stay delicate to the present atmosphere. Layout what moves should be made to delay this. 

What other advertising channels would you say you are running? Blueprint what activity things should be taken inside each channel to guarantee firm battles and rotate to help your emergency correspondence plan. 

PR explicit activity things: make a public statement proclamation, on the off chance that your group chooses it should be dispersed. 

Screen media by setting up Google cautions for any brand makes reference to.

Pay attention to Reality and Calm Down 

Most importantly, recognize the issue. As we’ve just referenced, the greatest error is to imagine the circumstance isn’t genuine. Actually, you shouldn’t quit doing anything by any means. Take a center ground, be quiet and avoid potential risk. 

Try not to freeze, yet don’t be overpowered as well. As an associate advertiser or online entrepreneur, you ought to be appreciative of the chance to work remotely without genuine limitations. 

Discover Ways to Communicate with Affiliates 

Live occasions, in subsidiary promoting as well as in amusement and sports as well, as of now got hit hard. Probably the greatest gathering, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was the first to drop the occasion, and afterward, every other person followed. So in the event that you, similar to us, utilized associate gatherings and occasions as the essential device for setting up business contacts and participation, you should discover new ways for correspondence. Accordingly, the requirement for accommodating specialized devices for the corona crisis is ascending too. 

Presently like never before, the biggest online discussions and networks for subsidiary advertisers will be valuable for this objective. Find new accomplices; get some answers concerning partner patterns, online classes, and take in new promoting procedures from online courses. The significance of keeping in contact with the entire world and checking changes in the business models has expanded.


To strengthen the partnership and enhance the relationship with the customers business needs a strong strategy of affiliate marketing. You need to partner with social influencers and companies you admire. Affiliate marketing can boost revenue and create  brands reputation. There is a high chance that the followers of your affiliates will become a loyal customer to your brand in the long run. 

Shoppers will always turn to the internet to guide them with their e-commerce purchases. It is essential to understand the affiliate tools and trust them with your company to drive sales and enhance the business. 

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