How to partner with influencers to create a viral marketing program
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How to partner with influencers to create a viral marketing program

If you are not yet working with influencers in promoting your products and services, you are missing out. You see, influencers are the best advertisers. They only need to promote your product once, and their content can have a lasting impact. With this, it is essential to look for ways on how you can include influencers in promoting your products and services. In this article, you’ll learn several ideas on how you can partner with influencers to help your business go viral. 

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Ask Them to Review Your Products

The easiest way to approach an influencer is to ask them to review your products. You may have seen several influencers do this. They promote products by showing it to their followers, listing the pros and cons, and asking their followers to use the products. This is the best way for you to work with an influencer, especially if you have just released a product. This is especially helpful for products that are designed to go viral. With this, the product owner only needs to enlist the help of several influencers to promote the product, and it will help them to get the product off the ground and get people to use it. 

Doing this is easy. You just need to look for a script on how you will approach the influencer. You can do this by introducing the product to them and asking them if they will be interested in reviewing it. From here, you can ask them if they would like a sample of the product for their review.

Create a Referral Campaign

Another approach to get an influencer on board is to join a referral campaign. One of the easiest ways to promote a product or service is through a referral program. This is how businesses like Uber and Airbnb managed to get their services off the ground. They launched a referral program, and this allowed them to get new customers for their products and services. 

Fortunately, creating a referral campaign is easy. You just need referral software, and this will allow you to launch a program in just a few clicks, Referral marketing campaigns have tons of benefits. Aside from enabling your business to grow exponentially. It can also let you stop shopping cart abandonment and invite more people into your funnel. You see, people don’t just try a product or service. They usually need an incentive to do that. Referral marketing provides that incentive, and this encourages referrers and users alike to use a particular product or service. Also, referral marketing campaigns work no matter what stage your website is in. You can have a new website, and it will still work tremendously. It worked well with an eCommerce website like Best Drums Set Labs.

Ask Them to Collaborate with You on Products

Another way to work with influencers is to ask them to collaborate with you on products. This is a surefire way to get Instagram influencers to promote your products. This is different from the first strategy. This time, you ask them to create a product with you. This way, they will have a unique product that is made under their name. When this happens, they will be more encouraged to share the product with their followers. This strategy works better with celebrity influencers, for they usually have the most followers. You can ask them to create a product with you, and they will promote your product to their followers and friends.

However, there are some limits on the products that you can promote. You may need to review your products and think of new products that you can create with influencers. If you don’t build your products, you may want to approach your supplier and ask them if you can create an exclusive design for you. It is all a matter of communication. 

Collaborate with Them on Content

Another way you can collaborate with a social media  influencer is through content marketing. Influencers are content creators by nature. They are always looking for fresh new ways to share content with their followers. Now, if you can give them some content ideas that will provide them with more engagement and shares, they will be happy to do it.

Now, this is the time when you should think outside the box and take an honest look at the content of your target influencer. As much as possible, you don’t want to move away from the core niche. You should limit your ideas in the said niche. From the topic, think about the content structure. This way, it can be easily communicated to the influencer. 

Also, ask the influencer if you can assist them in the actual content creation process. This process can range from creating an article or video. If they need you to create some parts of the content, you should go ahead and do that. This way, the influencer doesn’t need to do all the hard work of creating the content from scratch. It also helps if you are reviewing the content marketing strategy periodically. This way, you know that you and the influencer are always on the same page every step of the way. 

Let Them Join Your Contest

Another strategy that can bring tons of fresh leads into your business is a contest. This is so effective that some websites have grown their businesses solely through this. Games are great because there is a prize that the referrers can anticipate. Unlike a referral program where prizes are small and granted instantly, contests usually have bigger and better rewards. While the award may have a higher value, you don’t have to give it away multiple times. You can choose to only give it out once. This will help you set a fixed budget on your influencer marketing strategy efforts.

If you choose to take this route, you must know the item that you will give away. If you just give away any prize thinking that it will attract people, I may not work for you. You see, your target audience may have other preferences. And you can only test this out by asking them. Once you do this, you will be able to create a contest with an attractive reward. With this, you no longer need to convince them to join your game overly. They will do so on their own. 

Ask Them to Join Your Affiliate Program

If referral programs are there to reward ideal customers, affiliate programs are there to reward any marketer who supports it. This is another way to invite more people to start promoting your website. You give them a portion of the sales.

Creating an affiliate program is easy. You just need to set a percentage of the sales as a commission. From here, you can launch your program with a referral or affiliate software, and you are ready to go. You just need to ensure that the software that you are using is compatible with your website platform. If you are working in WordPress eCommerce, you will need a WooCommerce affiliate plugin. The same is true for Shopify. You will need a Shopify app that works with your platform. From here, you can set the rate of the commissions and ask marketers to promote it for you.

Another way to promote your affiliate program is through joint venture forums. Join venture forums are usually for product launches. It usually has tons of marketers looking for products that they can promote. You can go there for more product exposure and visibility. 

Give Them an Exclusive Discount Code

influencer discount code

Another trend that you may have observed is the exclusive discount code. This is where influencers share a discount code that has its name to their followers. Fortunately, this is quite easy to replicate. You just need to ask the influencer if they’ll like a discount code for your products in their name. You can then generate this from your eCommerce dashboard, and you are ready to go.

This is more effective if the influencer already uses your products. If you have celebrity influencers or micro-influencers using your products and services, you can just approach them and ask if they’ll like an exclusive discount to all your products. If they say ‘yes,’ you can give them a code that is made for them. Top influencers love this because they can get a discount on products that they are already using, plus they have something to promote to their followers. Remember that influencers are always looking for ways to show that they are being paid for creating content. Creating exclusive discount codes for them is one way to do this. It allows them to show that they are working with companies because they have discount codes in their name. 

Invite Them to an Event or Meetup

A strategy that will allow you to work with several influencers at the same time is to create an event or meetup just for them. This is where you can invite a group of influencers in one niche and ask them to promote your products for you. This can be as extravagant as launching a conference or a huge event where you invite hundreds of merchants in one niche, or it can be as simple as a meetup such as a dinner or coffee for the sake of collaboration. Both still work exceptionally well in inviting influencers to work with you.

The key is tracking all of your invitations. This way, you can easily invite another influencer when one says ‘yes.’ You see, every niche is small. When you manage to ask one celebrity influencer, you can usually encourage another if you just inform them. If you managed to invite influencers who are already friends, you could quickly get more than one to attend your event or meetup. 

Aside from this, you need to make the event or meetup worth their time. It should not be a system for you to promote your products. It should be a system to change lives or change the world. Instagram influencers are usually creating content with a purpose. If you resonate with this purpose, then you can quickly get them on board. 

Sponsor Them

A direct way to get an influencer to promote you? Sponsor them. This is where you pay them for promoting your products and services. If you have the advertising money to do this, you can just go ahead and approach them about sponsorship. This will give you more control over how your promotions are portrayed, and you can be ensured that your advertisement will reach the influencers’ followers.

However, you need to go over the idea of merely paying them to promote a product or service. You should see sponsorship as a way to partner with an influencer to support your products and service in the long run continuously. This way, you are not only paying them one-time for their promotions. Instead, you pay them for the continuous inclusion of your brand in their content. This is very effective because their followers will soon associate the influencer with your brand and support you as much as they support the influencer. 

Look for Fresh New Ways to Work with Them

However, you should not limit yourself to the tips in this article. Every social media influencer is different just as every product and service is different. You should look for a way to promote your products in a way that will reach the most followers while conserving your advertising budget. With this, you should choose strategies that have the most impact. Think beyond what your product provides and think about how it changes lives. This is the only way for you to think of new ways to promote your products. 

As you can see, working with influencers is not that hard. You just need to look for ways to encourage them to promote you. There are times where merely asking them will not work. This article has provided you some tips on how you can help them to support you. Still, you should not limit yourself to the tips in this article. You can even ask the influencer for creative ideas on how you can promote products and services. 

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