Hello, fellow Optimizer! We’re coming with some good news for you: now you can monitor in your Omniconvert account the cart abandonment rate of your website.

The abandoned carts are really annoying: you pay to get traffic on your website, you’re turning the world upside down so you can offer the best services to your customers, but they keep abandoning you.


Lower you cart abandonment rate and stop loosing money.

How does the new feature work


  • enter the URL of your cart page
  • find out what’s you cart abandonment rate
  • analyze your cart page and generate hypotheses
  • test you hypotheses with A/B testing
  • launch Omniconvert smart interactions to stop your vsitors from running away
  • analyze the results: what is working for you? does your approach lower the cart abandonment rate?
  • draw conclusions based on this vital KPI for further marketing efforts


What are the benefits

  • if you’re losing money and you can’t find the cause, just find out your cart abandonment rate
  • you can make any change on your cart page and get results in real time
  • you’ll see which visitors are most likely to abandon the cart
  • you’ll know what are the products with the highest abandonment rate
  • you can monitor this vital key performance indicator daily
  • you can reduce your costs

Don’t know where to start from? See these 12 ideas to lower the cart abandonmnet rate.

If you don’t have an account on Omniconvert, go here and register for a 30 days FREE TRIAL. Chose any type of account, you can renew it at any time after the trial period has expired.

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