What is conversion rate marketing

Conversion rate marketing (aka conversion marketing) is a set of marketing activities that have as the main purpose the act of convincing website users to perform a specific goal (conversion). Usually, the conversion refers to an actual online transaction/sale (macro conversion) but it can also refer to other types of actions such as lead generation (micro-conversions). Increasing the amount of conversions on a website is done through the activity known as conversion rate optimization (CRO). 

Conversion marketing tactics

In order to increase the chance of conversions to take place, marketers employ a series of tactics that have been proven to have a positive effect on conversion rates. Some of the most known conversion rate marketing tactics are:

A/B Testing is the staple of CRO. It allows testing two different versions of the same page by driving 50% of traffic to each version and seeing which converts best. A/B testing is great determining the most efficient website copy, images or page format. This arguably the most popular conversion rate marketing tactic.

conversion rate marketing

Personalization is the activity of dynamically changing the website content according to the interests of different groups of users. The idea behind personalization is that everyone likes content that is tailor-made for them. If you offer a certain visitor content that is relevant to their situation, that user is much more likely to turn into a customer.

Instant chat allows the user to access instant support. With the help of instant chat, websites can address their users concerns in real-time, making them less likely to leave the website and look for the product or service somewhere else. 

Customer surveys are another very important conversion marketing tactic because if done right, they can help website owners understand exactly what their users want and what are the main blocks that might keep them from converting. It’s like stepping in the customer’s minds and understanding what is important for them. 

Website overlays have become increasingly popular recently because they allow marketing specialists to display promotional messages at different points of the customer journey. Thus some of the most used overlays are the ones that are triggered as the user tries to leave the website (exit popups). They are used to promote last minute offers and can do wonders to improve KPIs such as bounce rate or cart abandonment rate. 

Other types of conversion rate marketing tactics are heat maps, user session recordings, click maps, adaptive content, usability testing, etc.

Conversion marketing tools

Some of the tactics discussed above can be implemented in-house, but most of the times it requires a lot of resources. So many marketers prefer to use 3rd party tools that provide the features they’re looking for. For example, Omniconvert.com is a CRO tool that offers several key features such as A/B testing, customer surveys, website overlays, web personalization, and user segmentation. After you sign up, you have instant access to all features in the main dashboard and you can immediately start improving your website’s conversion rate.