An on-exit popup is a popup that appears on a website when the user begins to stray away from it. Its prime reason is to stop the user from navigating from the website and leaving. Just as the user is about to leave the website, a popup emerges on the screen with something that may entice that user to stay on the website a bit longer. The longer a user stays, the more are the chances of converting them into a qualified lead.

How Does It work?

The on-exit popup window can contain anything that is likely to convince the user to either take an action or navigate on the website a little longer. This could be a call to action, a discount code, or any other incentive. This on-exit popup offers something different to each user. Those who are subscribed or already have an item in their cart that they plan on purchasing can be prompted to proceed to checkout or even get a discounted rate on further similar items. On the other hand, for guest visitors, the on-exit popup may hold a subscription form.

How Does It help?

To start off, on-exit popup windows stretch the time spent by the user on the website which leads to better chances of that user acquiring the services of that business. Other areas where such pop-ups can be of great use are navigation over the website or getting feedback from them. In the case of the latter, the on-exit popup can present the user with relevant information and links on the website based on what they had been browsing so far.

On-exit popup menus can also ask for a user’s feedback in order to enhance their next experience or to polish it for others. A common tactic used by websites to trick users to stay longer on the website is to give them a warning about potential data to be lost if they leave the website. This data could be anything a user might have submitted or placed in the cart for purchase later.